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You need this Security Update for your iOS Device before connecting to a Wi-Fi Network

by Felix Omondi
iOS 10.3.3 security update

White hackers and Black hackers will forever be embroiled in a never ending racing game. Sometimes the good team is winning, and unfortunately, the evil team is sometimes winning. You only need to look at how much casualties the WannaCry Ransomware had in its short stint.

Nonetheless, if you are using an iOS device and love getting online via a Wi-Fi network, you could be a sitting duck waiting for hackers to take over and ‘brick’ your iDevice. It has emerged that iDevices running iOS 10.3.3 have an exploit on Contacts, Safari, Messages, and Notification among other areas.

Perhaps the most damaging exploit on iOS 10.3.3 is on the phone’s Wi-Fi chipset, which can allow a would-be attacker to take over your phone remotely when it is searching for a Wi-Fi network.

Apple, after learning of this exploit, has since moved swiftly to issue out a security patch released yesterday to fix the zero-day vulnerability. So before you get online using a Wi-Fi connection, ensure you download and install the security patch available at this link.

Like stated earlier, the white hack and black hack community are forever trying to outdo each other. Luckily, the white hack community appears to be (more often than not) steps ahead of the black hack community. At least that is what it seems like to the general users; otherwise, cases of hacked devices would be too common, which they are not.

However, a solution (security patch) given by the white hack community is only as good as the readiness of the users to update their devices. For that reason, you are encouraged to be more proactive in ensuring all applications and hardware on your devices are up to date and to the recommended levels of the vendor or OEM.

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