The Negative Stigma Female Body Builders in Uganda must overcome

Female Body Builders

‘Ladies this is a man’s world, we’re just here to smile and look beautiful to serve their interest.’ Wow, that sounded annoying and archaic AF. I am also certain many women and girls out there feel the same.

However, as much as we would like to think that in this present age and era, sexism is a thing of the past. Alongside other distasteful human behavior like cannibalism, barbaric communal wars, colonization, and other heinous things humanity has done in the past in the darkest hours of our civilization. The truth is, ladies and gentlemen, we still have cavemen in our midst.

I don’t mean cavemen in the sense that they are cave dwellers with underdeveloped vocal abilities, hunt and gather food, and wake up in the morning to bathe in urine. No, I mean cavemen in the sense their outlook of life is skewed by their brain condition, which similar to those our early primitive ancestors. You would be surprised where these cavemen can be found; they live in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and all the four corners of the world. In some regions, they can found in plenty than others.

I use the words cave man as it only takes a cave-man-kind of thinking to view women and girls as anything less than their men and boys counterparts. You see every day, across the in political arena both in the industrialized and developing world, in professional careers, education and even in sports.

Talking about sports, The BBC has featured a story of a female body builder Irene Kasuubo in Uganda. Who not only has to overcome the pain of lifting weights but the negative stigma the society accords female body builders. Kasuubo has fights to overcome both in and outside the gym; in the sense of what she has to overcome to pursue professional body building.

Kasuubo has been told all kinds of things that could send a woman’s heart breaking into a million pieces, but instead of letting hers break and scatter. Kasuubo has learned to ignore the haters and do more and be good at bodybuilding.

Some of the detestable things Kasuubo has been told include she will never find a man willing to lover her. She says that some of her friends have even shunned her because of her choice to pursue body building.

For more details head on to The BBC for the complete story.

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