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New Android Gaming Tablet: ZOTAC Tegra Note 7

by Fahad Saleem

New Android Gaming Tablet: ZOTAC Tegra Note 7

The 7 inch tablet made by ZOTAC is based on NVidia’s reference design for tablets based on Tegra 4. This new tablet is called The ZOTAC Tegra 7. The design of this tablet is very much like the reference tablet, but we shall see its specifications and see how this tablet may impress us.

gaming tab 1

Hardware Specifications

The Tegra 7 has a Quad-core processor of 1.8 GHz which powers NVidia’s Tegra 4 chipset. GPU made by NVidia is also in the chipset which makes this tablet gaming friendly. RAM is 1 GB DDR3 and it has 16 GB of internal memory which can be extended by a micro SD card upto 32 GB. The LCD is 7 inches and the resolution is 1280×800.

gaming tab 2

This tablet also has all the standard ports like micro HDMI and micro USB ports and 3.5mm audio jacks, which are all placed on the top of the tablet. Only the micro SD port and volume control is on the side of the tablet.

gaming tab 4

The body of the tablet is much better than tablets of other companies. The back is made of dimpled rubber. But one issue is the weight. This tablet weighs 320 grams and is pretty heavy for its size.

The tablet also comes a stylus. This is used for drawing and writing for compatible apps.

There are two cameras. The front one is VGA and the back one is 5 MP HD camera. Again, the work on cameras could be done better as today’s tablets have excellent cameras.


This tablet comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean, but you can upgrade it right away to Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. The Android installed is almost stock with the addition of some apps like NVidia graphics controls and the app which open when you take out the stylus out of its place.


Since all the hardware and the chipset are optimized for gaming by NVidia, therefore the performance of this tablet in everyday activity and in games is epic. The battery is very efficient as it can run 10-12 with Wi-Fi on and with full brightness.

Because of the GPU all the video related and game related stuff works on this tablet at its best. Even the heaviest games do not slow down unless you are running more than 10 active background apps. There video results of the camera are superb, but picture results are not as great as video results.


For $299 this thing provides very high amount of energy. If you are not concerned by the weight or display pixels for this tablet, then this thing is for you. It will give you great gaming and non-gaming performance.

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