The new Google Chrome Mobile Browser comes with inbuilt QR Code & Barcode Scanner

The new Google Chrome Mobile Browser comes with inbuilt QR Code & Barcode Scanner

There was a time when QR code was the in-thing. Currently, they are not as much of a fuss as they used to be. Be that as it may, you probably have a QR code and barcode scanner app on your iPhone right now. For those rare occasions when you need to read a QR code or Barcode scanner.

Guess what! You can go right ahead and delete that app; Google Chrome mobile browser now has it covered. The latest Google Chrome mobile browser for iOS comes with inbuilt QR Code and Barcode reader. You can access the feature via 3D Touch on the app icon or simply search for ‘QR’ under the spotlight.

The shortcut reads QR code scanner, but it can also as well scan the traditional barcode. When you scan a code using the Chromes scanner, it will automatically take you to Google Search results page. Where you will get results of the items scanned; these results could include information such as the items price and online reviews among others.

As I stated before, QR code are no longer the craze they used to be; well that is partly true. They began with a lot of fuss, that fuss died down, but they have recently started becoming popular. More so after popular apps like Kik, Messenger, and Snapchat adopting QR codes. They are also being used in food labeling. Amazon too is putting QR codes on some of their packages.

However, truth be told! Scanning QR code is not something you are likely to be doing that often. Meaning the app on your iPhone does not get used that often to justify its stay as one of your installed apps. Now, with the Chrome inbuilt scanner, there is no longer any more reason you should keep that standalone QR code reader on your iPhone.

If you are on an iPhone and you cannot see the QR code feature on your Chrome browser, you need to update the app first since it is a recently added feature.

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