New Google Tone Chrome Browser Extension Lets You Share URLs Via Beep Sounds

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A new Chrome Browser extension available on Chrome web store dubbed Google Tone lets you share URL instantly from one computer to another through a beeping sound made by the sender computer and interpreted by the receiver computer.

To use the Google Tone you must download the extension and install it on your Chrome browser. The extension will appear as a blute tone button located next to the opened tab. To share the URL of the web page you are currently viewing, you need to click on the blue button while your computer’s speakers is at full volume and in near vicinity of receiving computer. The receiving computer will pick up the tone and from it, make out the URL and display it on the Chrome browser.

The user on the other computer will be given an option of opening the URL. What the Google Tone extension does, is to broadcast an URL to any machine in the vicinity. But in order for the receiving machine to pick up the tone emitted, it must also have the Tone extension installed and running on its Chrome browser.

In a blogpost, Google’s official wrote, “Tone grew out of the idea that while digital communication methods like email and chat have made it infinitely easier, cheaper and faster to share things with people across the globe, they’ve actually made it more complicated to share things with the people standing right next to you… Tone aims to make sharing digital things with nearby people as easy as talking to them”

The blogpost goes further to say how the first version made teamwork fun at Google. The staff found themselves “using it to share documents with everyone in a meeting quickly, to exchange design files back and forth while collaborating on UI design.”

Please note, for the extension to work effectively on your computer, your machine’s speaker volume and mic sensitivity level must not be low. If you would like to give it a try, click here to add the Tone extension to your Chrome Browser.

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