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New Hollywood Movies could be available on iTunes 2-Weeks after their debut in theaters

In a move described by experts as a bold move to boost its iTunes revenues, Apple is said to be currently lobbying with Hollywood studios stakeholders to have new movies available on iTunes as soon as two weeks from their debut.

Indeed, Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. 21st Century Fox Inc., and Comcast Corp’s Universal Pictures have been quoted by a section of the media having said they are looking into ways they can avail new movies to home theaters as soon as possible at high prices. Apparently, Apple move resonates well with some studio executives who have been pushing to have new movies available to home theaters two weeks after their debuts.

Such executives are said to be rooting for the iTunes – Hollywood studios deal that could see new movies available to home theaters just two weeks after their debut. However, the executives expressed their opinion under anonymity, since the matter is still in early stages of discussion and they would not like to be identified with revealing private discussions.

There is no doubt iTunes is getting the heat from the increasing Video on Demand (VoD) service providers. Sealing such a deal with Hollywood studios, especially one based on exclusive access, will go a long way in giving iTunes a competitive advantage. Probably earn more revenues than it currently receives.

iTunes store propelled Apple to become a domestic name in music retailing business. If Apple inks a deal with Hollywood studios, iTunes could be the first go-to place for viewers looking for the latest movies and series.

Hollywood studios under pressure to find new avenues for growth

Traditionally, Hollywood studios debut new movies exclusively on cinemas for 90 days before issuing DVDs or making them available online for purchase.

However, over the recent years, cinema attendance has taken a nosedive, and home theater revenues have remained stagnant. That in itself could work against Apple’s wish to have early exclusive access to new Hollywood movies.

Hollywood studios are feeling the pressure to find new avenues that will re-engage viewers and boost their revenues. For that reason, Hollywood studios may look for an entirely different technology to rejuvenate sales.

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