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New iPad Air 2 Photos Leaked Online

New iPad Air 2 Photos Leaked Online

As the Apple’s major event on October 16 is drawing closer, the sensation and anticipation for the upcoming devices is increasing considerably. The rumors and leaks have also gathered the attention of the people. Some photos of the hardware components of the iPad Air 2 have been leaked onto the internet. The leaked photos show the tablet’s motherboard, front panel, Home button flex cable, and the volume control flex cable.

Some photos of iPad Air 2 have been leaked earlier also that show the hint of the Touch ID Home button. However, it is quite difficult to be certain about any such thing from such leaked photos. The new photo of the Home button flex cable finally shows the stainless steel r

ing with the room to contain that Touch ID sensor. We can now say for certain that the iPad Air 2 will be sporting the Touch ID feature. Apple seems to be inclined to provide this feature in all of its upcoming tablets.

When you have a look at the motherboard, it appears to be A8X processor, as confirmed by the MacRumors forum user. Owing to the fact that iPad Air 2 could include the Retina HD display, the processor should be quite fast in terms of clock speed to move the pixels at the required rate. The RAM is still under the cover at the moment. However, it must be at least 2GB considering the multimedia requirements. Unlike its predecessor, iPad Air 2 has moved the SIM slot directly onto its motherboard. The iPad Air contained the SIM slot as a separate component that was independent of the motherboard.

Apple aims to make iPad Air slimmer this year as compared to its predecessor. It is quite possible that Apple skips the Mute/Screen rotation button on the new iPad Air. The volume control flex cable contains the up and down buttons only.

The iPad Air 2 doesn’t contain much difference in its front panel from the predecessor. You can just see the Home button cutout and also the front camera placement. Some people believed that the tablet would feature an integrated display. This arrangement would make the tablet slim by many standards. However, not providing the Mute/Screen Rotation switch could be a controversial step by Apple.

Let’s see what Apple has to offer in its official event on October 16. All the speculations about iPad Air 2 would be clarified then.


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