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New iPhone, Android Apps and Games Worth Checking Out

by Fahad Saleem

Not a day passes without amazing new Android and iPhone apps arriving at the play stores. Here are some of the best new Android and iOS apps and games you should check out. As usual, I will cover the apps which are actually useful for you, not same old photography, alarm or note-taking apps.

Best New Android, iPhone Apps and Games

TeamViewer (Android)

TeamViewer is a great software for remote collaborative computing. This Android app of TeamViewer lets you remotely mirror your Android devices on your computer. You can access Android devices remotely, mirror their screen on monitor and much more.

best new apps 1

Smashy City (Android)

We all have a destructive sadist monster inside us. Instead of unleashing it on others, use this game. Smashy City lets you destruct and devastate things like buildings, glass, people, helicopters, bridges , stores and much more. You can become a monster in the form of dinosaur or Godzilla and unleash hell around you. This game is becoming one of the best new Android games.

best new android game

Quote (Android)

No it’s not another quotes app. It is an RSS reader which is useful for anyone who has a habit of reading a lot of content on the internet. You can integrate readers like Feedly and Inoreader with Quote app and read the content in a neat and useful interface. You can also open the reading more and set a lot of different themes for a colossal reading experience.

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Solaris Celestial Calendar (iOS)

Are you a fan of astronomy? Want to know the weird things happening in the galaxies far far away? This app is for you. Solaris Sky calendar is synched with the celestial world. It notifies you daily about the events happening in space. Every day is inundated with amazing events happening in the world of stars. This app could amaze you in so many ways.

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This (iPhone)

“This” is an amazing iPhone app which lets you add notations and labels on images quickly. Suppose you have a picture and you want your friend to pay attention to a specific part of the image. You also want to add  some caption or comment on that part. Just open “This” app and add the label line with the text quickly and send over. This is pretty useful app which could be used by students, presentations makers and general users.

best new apps 4

Recolor (Android)

 Coloring books are fun, not only for kids, but also for the grown ups. Coloring books infuse in creativity in mind and they are better places to spend time instead of Facebook or Twitter. Recolor is a great coloring app which has all sorts of simple and complex images which you can color and unleash your creativity. You can install this app and give your kid to let him color while you spend time on Netflix.

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