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New iPhone App Shows Real Time Flight Status and Weather Conditions

by Fahad Saleem

New iPhone App Shows Real Time Flight Status and Weather Conditions

Yes you read it right, and if you’re a travel freak or just enjoy looking at the various flights across the world and the associated weather conditions affecting them, this is the app you are looking for. Flight does an incredible job by conjoining and meshing the data from Flightstats and World Weather Online and giving you very accurate real-time flights statuses alongside animated weather conditions from where the plane left the ground to the venue where it is due to arrive. The surrounding weather data is also presented in good form so we can also predict whether it can reach its destination or not. So let us have a look at this gorgeous app.


You swipe up to see the flight details after selecting the particular flight you are interested in. The info available is pretty decent and up to date as you can find out whether its en-route or already landed. The weather details at the departure point and the arrival point are also shown with each flight as well as any stops in between. The type of aircraft and the airline company that is operating it are also shown. If you choose to add another flight and view its latest details, you swipe down and add it to the home screen. You will need to know the flight number and the date of the flight, and it will link you up.

flight 2

What if you are interested in keeping tabs about different flights at the same time? You just save them and swipe left to right to search across them. Then you tap on to any flight you are interested in, and the airport code and what you see is a beautiful animation of the conditions and the surroundings.

flight 3


It may appear that actual usage of the flight rather limited because it doesn’t give you blow-by details of the flight. Instead it focuses on the general details and presents them in a good way. The approach is very likeable from Innovation Box, but the price tag of 3.99$ is a little heavier owing to its somewhat limited usability.

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