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New Messenger Platform 2.1 comes with Seamless Payments Process and new Call-to-Action Buttons

by Felix Omondi
messenger platform 2.1

Last Thursday, Facebook took a big step towards better monetization of its Messenger Platform by launching a new version 2.1.

Some of the key features in Messenger Platform 2.1 include five new call-to-action buttons, a seamless flow for payments on the app, and newly introduced desktop support for the extensions software-development kit. The new call-to-action buttons are as follows:

Ø Get Started

Ø Play Now

Ø Get Updates

Ø Get Support

Ø Shop Now

The new SDK will enable users to make payments using a one-step process in the Messenger for web. More information on that is available at this link. The new SDK will also make functions such as User ID and sharing available to users on the desktop; previously, these functions were only available on mobile only.Messenger Platform 2.1

Facebook says these new options will let the users know exactly what to expect when open the Messenger app and start a conversation with businesses.

New tools for developers

Facebook has added two new tools for developers. A new natural language processing built into the Messenger and a handover protocol that will enable businesses to create multiple experiences for users using just a single bot.

The new natural language processing will enable bot automatically detect the meaning of words used by users to give meaningful feedback. The initial version only recognized terms such as hello, thanks, time, date, location, phone number, email, URL, amount of money and bye.

The new handover protocol will create multiple experiences to users using just one bot by seamlessly moving the conversation from an automated response to a sort of live agent dedicated to giving the best assistance to users and provision of a more personalized support to customers.

Other updates coming with the Messenger Platform 2.1 include:

Ø Going forward, developers will get notifications whenever their bots have been blocked.

Ø Chat extensions have now been availed to global pages.

Ø The customer matching application program that enables partners to confirm a match before sending messages to phone numbers, and names. However, this feature is currently only available in the U.S. for a select business.

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