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About the new Nokia 1 powered by Android Go-Specs, Features, and Performance

by Felix Omondi
nokia 1

The MWC 2018 set the stage to usher more Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphones into the world. In case you have not already seen the memo, Android Go offers smooth performance on entry-level specs. With Android Go powered devices, you can genuinely get good performing cheap smartphones, and the new Nokia 1 is one such phone.

While there is no one outstanding feature with the Nokia 1, as it runs Android Oreo (Go edition), the fact that it comes from that bran means you can expect a solid phone, one that can take several falls and tumbles without breaking. Nokia had made a name for itself for building resilient devices that not only provided good performance, but had a long working life, and for that reason, the Nokia 1 release picks the interest of many consumers.

The Nokia 1 Review


Display – 4.5” IPS with a 854×480 resolution

CPU – MediaTek 6737M

GPU – Mali T720


Storage – 8GB eMMC and a microSD card slot for up to 128GB

OS – Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition)

Camera – 5MP rear and 2MP front

Battery – 2,150mAh

Ports – Micro USB 2.0, and 3.5mm headphone jack

The phone also comes with FM radio and IP52 protection

With Android Go, you shouldn’t look at Nokia 1 Specs and form an opinion on performance

Reading at the specs above, one would be forgiven for quickly dismissing the Nokia 1 as just another entry-level smartphone with painfully slow performance. However, that is not the case, if anything far from 1

With Android Go, you get a slimmed down version of stock Android designed to run smoothly and minimally. In a nutshell, Android Go is a lite version of Android (8) Oreo that uses fewer resources.

During its design, Android Go was built from the ground up to run with limited resources; we are talking about devices with RAM ranging between 512MB to 1GB. Additionally, Google has created a Go edition of their most popular apps that will run smoothly on less device resources.

The platform has also been opened up to third-party developers, which means most of your favorite apps already have their Go versions.

Why you should get the Nokia 1

Well, if the brand name is not enough to win you over, read ahead for more reason why you should get the Nokia 1. For starters, it is an entry-level device (meaning very affordable) running Android Go, which means you get a well-performing smartphone, but you don’t have to pay the hefty price associated with high-end smartphones that would have given you the same level of performance.

Nokia as an OEM has also proven to be very prompt with the updates; which is more than can be said for most leading OEMs. In the 2017 rankings of OEMs with speedy rollout of updates, Nokia was among the top.

Android Go, unlike Android One, depends on the speed of the OEMs and the network carriers for updates. With Nokia phones, issued of faster roll out of updates is not much of a concern.

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