New Plarium Play App Gives Easy Access to Extensive Collection of Games

New Plarium Play App Gives Easy Access to Extensive Collection of Games

Online strategy games have become all-the-rage as players seek out ever more immersive gaming experiences. Massive multiplayer online games (MMO) and multiplayer online role-playing games such as those offered by Israel-based games developer, Plarium, have proved to be hugely popular amongst gamers on mobile devices, social platforms, and browsers. But in a world where table-top games are making a revival on the back of nostalgic TV shows such as Stranger Things, MMO game developers are being kept on their toes.

New Plarium app launched

To make it even easier for fans of Plarium titles to access all their games, the company has launched a dedicated new app that requires just one login and password to access their entire collection of browser and mobile games. Their current line-up of titles includes; Raid: Shadow Legends, Vikings: War of Clans, Throne: Kingdom at War, Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War. The app also updates games automatically to save the user having to check if they are up to date with the latest version.

Easy access to every game

The name of the much-anticipated app is Plarium Play; it can be downloaded directly from the company’s webpage and is available for macOS and Windows 7 and above. The setup is straightforward and certainly makes life easier for anyone who is a regular player of more than one of the associated titles with just one login required to access everything. The app is still fairly new so there may still be a few teething problems, but the overall experience has been very well received, with an easy to use interface offering access to games, notifications, friends lists and settings all in one place.

Quality and choice

The main draw to the Plarium platform has been the quality and choice of games. RAID: Shadow Legends – which has been one of the RPG hits of 2019 with hundreds of thousands of downloads from the Google Play and Apple stores – is a good example of the type of games you can expect if you sign up to on the platform. The game features stunning graphics which brings its realistic RPG world to life. Meanwhile, Terminator Genisys: Future War brings all the elements of the hit movie franchise to the MMO world. All the games on Plarium are notable for their deep tactical play, cooperative challenges, and epic battles.


The future of free-to-play MMO games

The idea of a dedicated gaming client makes sense considering the company currently services over 250 million players in more than 150 countries. Such a large community demands a high level of support with good customer engagement across all the platforms. 

Users will have instant access to updates and any new titles that are released. Previous releases have proved to be competitive and immersive as well as visually impressive. If they can maintain that quality and produce games where users can work together to build, defend and conquer new worlds, then the Plarium gaming client could launch the company to greater heights and inspire other companies to follow a similar model.

Plarium definitely seems to be a leading trailblazer in the relatively new gaming client industry, so we can only expect that more exciting innovations are yet to come.

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