The new VivoBook Pro 580 is a high-end Laptop at a price of a mid-range laptop

VivoBook Pro 580

Ever admired Microsoft Surface Book but you only can afford the Surface Laptop? Well, you will be glad to know yesterday Asus released the new VivoBook Pro 580, which more or less gives you the specs on the Surface Book at the price of the Surface Laptop.

This news will be highly appreciated by users who when looking a new laptop are forced to compromise on specs because of the prices. With the VivoBook Pro 580, Asus is targeting users in need of high-end laptops but can only afford mid-range laptops.

VivoBook Pro 580 Specs

This laptop runs on the Intel Core i7 7700HQ quad-core processor you would typically find on high-end gaming laptops. The chip is backed up by a 16GB RAM and a NVIDIA’s GeForce 1050 GPU capable of handling just about any high-end gaming, graphics design job, and resources demanding applications you can throw at it. On this laptop, you can play high-end games including the Titans Fall 2 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Asus will be supplying a variant of this laptop with Full HD 1080p display. Other countries will be getting the option of a 4K display. Although both types of displays give you 100% of the sRGB color gamut and 178-degree viewing angles.

As far as the local storage is concerned, the VivoBook Pro 580 comes with the following options:

512GB M.2 SSD

5” HD of 1TB max

It also comes with Windows Hello authentication support with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the touchpad. The audio experience can be said to be really good, as it is fitted with the Harmon Kardon and a smart amplifier capable of pumping sounds three times louder than the regular amps in laptops. The speakers are larger than those found in a typical laptop, to give you a clearer audio.

All the above high-end specs come wrapped inside a laptop with a sleek metallic accent and a tapered profile. Weighing at just 4.8 lbs. and measuring 20.5 mm at the thickest point. In many ways, the VivoBook Pro 580 resembles the high-end ZenBook as far as the design is concerned.

The VivoBook Pro 580 Price

The pricing is the selling point for Asus on this device; a high-end laptop costing as a mid-range laptop. Well, the Asus VivoBook Pro N580 with Core i7 chip, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD goes for $1,299 in the US market; you can get it from Amazon.

FYI, the Surface Book with more or less similar specs as the VivoBook but a 2K touch-display goes for $2,699. While the Dell XPS 15 with the same specs goes for $1,700.

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