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New World Factions Overview


New World is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Amazon Games Studios. The game revolves around an island named Aeternum in the mid-1600s. As a colonizing force, you, alongside 999 other people, find your way to Aeternum in search of a rare substance that has brought corruption and death to the island.

Thanks to the danger presented by Aeternum and the evil Corrupted, explorers have found themselves aligning into three major groups known as Factions. These factions are split along ideologies, ranging from the need to conquer the power within Aeternum to learning about the island’s supernatural secrets. So, let’s get started.

What are Factions (and how can I join one)?

Factions are large groups of people with similar ideologies. There are three of them: The Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. Once you reach a certain level (currently Level 10), you gain the ability to complete faction missions. These quests are split across the three factions, with unique quests and missions to accomplish if you want to join one.

Joining a Faction

To join a faction, you’ll need to complete “Faction Missions,” provided by a settlement’s faction representative. There are two types of faction missions, including:

PvE missions, consisting of:

  • Defeating certain creatures
  • Crafting certain items
  • Building a stockpile of resources
  • and assassinating bosses.

PvP missions on the other hand, have you going into players’ settlements to focus on:

  • Recovering information
  • Delivering messages
  • Delivering items
  • Patrolling areas
  • and staying alive.

As you move further down a faction’s mission-line, you’ll be required to carry out assassination missions. These missions require you to take down bosses without dying (PvE) or kill other players quickly (PvP). For the standard missions though, you’ll likely receive simple “fetch quests,” which will have you get items in return for faction XP, equipment, and other rewards.

As reference, for PvP missions exclusively, you’ll be required to stay flagged under PvP for the duration of a mission. If you die or find a way to be removed from the enemies’ PvP list, the mission will be automatically cancelled, and you’ll have to return to your representative for another mission. This applies to all PvP missions, meaning you’ll be required to stay under a PvP list to gain faction XP.

What are the differences between Factions?

In addition to your ideology and planned playstyle, there are a few unique factors that separate the three factions. So, let’s start with:

The Marauders

With danger comes the need for order — that’s the ideology of the Marauders, a faction built from the idea of powerful command. The Marauders stand out when compared to the other two factions, thanks to their direct competition against anything and everything not belonging to the faction. If you’re not a militarist like a Marauder, then you’re likely an enemy.

While that works well against the environment, sometimes Marauders find themselves in conflicts against both The Syndicate and The Covenant. These two factions definitely don’t share the same thoughts, although the military might of The Marauders may prove too much otherwise.

The Marauders definitely aren’t bad guys though; their final goal is to establish a free nation where everyone that has the strength to prosper, will. The issue for many players, is that those “with the strength to do so can prosper and profit.” In this world, if you can’t stand up for yourself, then you aren’t protected by The Marauders.

But The Marauders hold some of the most advanced firepower and technology available. If you’re looking to colonize Aeternum’s landscape to how you please, gaining freedom (and money), then The Marauders are for you. Alongside high firepower and quite a few weapons at its disposal, The Marauders may prove the most gunslinger, ready-to-go faction out there. That’s seen by their views of The Syndicate and Covenant as “witches and zealots.”

The Syndicate

While Marauders are very fire-ready and militaristic, The Syndicate is anything but. The name along may inspire thoughts of secrecy, disguise, stealth, and manipulation — they aren’t too far from reality. The Syndicate is an organization built from the shadows with a secretive plan to eradicate The Corruption. However, the faction does share some similarities to The Marauders, as they both plan on freeing everyone from oppression and establishing a free government.

The difference lies in the way in which they plan to do so. The Syndicate knows that things aren’t as they seem, bolstered by the supernatural events that are commonplace on Aeternum. Floating islands, magic creatures, and The Corruption can’t just happen, and The Syndicate knows that. Joining this faction means you’re interested in uncovering just exactly what’s happening on the island, with the plan to stop evil with the knowledge.

As a member of The Syndicate you’ll utilize magic, supernatural abilities, and other unknowns against the other factions and The Corruption. With a plan in place for a new age of enlightenment, The Syndicate is great for players who want to free Aeternum and its people. More specifically, those who like to plan from the shadows and believe in freedom and power through knowledge. With a greater focus on learning the unknown, The Syndicate views the Marauders and Covenant as “barbarians and zealots.”

The Covenant

Divinity reigns supreme for the Covenant. This faction claims their mission is to cleans Aeternum from The Marauders and Syndicate to restore holiness and justice. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, the Covenant works to reclaim Aeternum for the underdogs. While The Marauders’ view Aeternum as a wasteland and The Syndicate view the island as supernatural, The Covenant sees it as divinely-influenced. According to The Covenant, Aeternum was discovered by the world to be reclaimed by their members.

The least is known about The Covenant, whose main goal in the New World is to reclaim Aeternum from The Corrupted, Marauders, and The Syndicate. While The Syndicate is known as the secretive faction, The Covenant isn’t too far from it. For people who believe in having order through divinity and separation from the other factions, The Covenant is the place to be. Viewing the other two factions as “heretics and defilers,” The Covenant is ready to be the last standing.

What benefits do Factions have?

There are no faction-specific benefits, excluding different visuals, guilds, and background stories. All factions share these same boosts and bonuses:

  1. Extra XP
  2. Extra Gold
  3. Extra Reputation
  4. Extra Faction Tokens
    1. Lets you earn special armor, weapons, and consumables.

The higher you are in your faction, the greater your rewards and potential bonuses. To many New World players, it’s been shocking to hear that the factions don’t have any specific benefits, although many hope that Amazon introduces new ones.

How can I get help joining a faction?

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