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New Year, New You: How to Make Those Resolutions Stick


Every year people around the world celebrate the new year with the age-old tradition of resolutions for the upcoming year. From personal goals to professional desires, these ideas always revolve around the idea of improvement or gain in some area. It is very worthwhile to want to get ahead in life and putting together ideas to do so takes some level of introspection or personal drive.  However, it is often the case that as the year wears on, these resolutions get lost in the shuffle. The demands and distractions of everyday life can make it difficult to keep eyes on the prize of achieving these goals. That being said, it is important to remember that the only person responsible for falling short is the one who set the resolution in the first place. This is best summed up by sales expert and speaker Michael Altshuler, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

The question remains, how does one best pilot their life in order to achieve their goals? We spoke to ten different business experts to understand how they make their resolutions stick.

Be specific

Shaun Price is the head of customer acquisition of MitoQ, a health and wellness brand featuring supplements that target mitochondrial health. He believes that in order to achieve resolutions successfully, one must first define them clearly.

“I’ve found that it’s really common for people to say something along the lines of, ‘This year I want to lose weight’ or ‘In the next year I want to travel more.’ While those are nice ideas, they’re not specific enough to create a guiding path to reaching an end goal because the end goal is not defined. Start by creating a concrete definition of what it is that you want to achieve before you do anything else. Success is built piece by piece and you should start with a firm foundation.”

Don’t feel limited

Peels is a CBD company which aims to provide the safest, purest, most effective CBD products on the planet. Their founder and CEO, Chris Hetherington, suggests dreaming big when setting resolutions in order to achieve more than what one thought possible.

“Easy goals are simply that – easy. There’s not much growth or drive required to achieve something simple. A real resolution is one that takes initiative and continuous effort. In the end, achieving a goal of this magnitude will be far more rewarding than accomplishing something that can be done over a day or two. On top of this, by setting something big for yourself, you will have a project to work on over a period of time which is great for self-improvement.”

Plan accordingly

Goals without a plan are more like an aimless hope and there is nothing productive about this. In order to make the resolutions a reality, thoughtful structure must be in place. Span Health is a company offering data-driven health coaching. Their CEO, Patrick Samy, advises taking the time to plot out goals.

“A good strategy is absolutely necessary to make any notable resolution a reality. Going in blind to get things done is never the way to make a difference in anything. Take the time to write out your goals as well as the tangible things you will do in order to reach them. The reality of any goal chasing initiative is that obstacles, both expected and otherwise, will appear. If you’ve taken the time to plan, these hurdles will become a little easier.”

Manageable steps

Cody Candee is the founder and CEO of Bounce, a service for luggage storage while traveling in over 1,000 global cities. He considers it wise to break down goals into feasible actions in order to put them within reach.

“A new year’s resolution is always a little more lofty than something along the lines of cleaning out the garage or working an overtime shift. Because of this, it’s necessary to view your goal as an activity to participate in consistently and with intention. Persistent small steps result in a long journey. If you’re looking to create a large change in your life, it’s important to realize that this won’t happen overnight. By doing the small things, you’re creating habits of success which yield that large change.”

Be realistic

The Natural Patch Co is a health and wellness company offering sticker patches that aid in sleeping, relieving stress and even driving off mosquitos. Their founder, Michael Jankie, believes that any resolutions made should incorporate some level of rational thinking.

“One of the quickest ways to frustrate or demotivate yourself is to bite off more than you can chew. Obviously, goals are meant to require effort and hard work, but sometimes a goal may not be realistic. When deciding on what to pursue, ask yourself if you have the requisite time and resources available to make it come true. Not everyone will travel to the moon or make $5 million in a year. Think big but not over the top.”


Not every goal will further a personal or business life because it is not applicable. Any set resolution should be applicable to whatever is happening in a given person’s life. Nue Life is a mental wellness company utilizing psychedelics for treatment. Their co-founder and CEO, Juan Pablo Cappello, suggests choosing relevant resolutions.

“If you’re making a resolution for yourself one of the key things to take into consideration is, what is good for me? Resolutions should result in the betterment of yourself. Sometimes people can be caught up in who they were in the past and build dreams out of that. Other times, they have interests that may not line up with their current state in life. Focus on where you’re at and where you want to be.”

Pros and cons

Amanda E. Johnson is the CMO of TatBrow, a brand offering innovative eyebrow products. She advises creating a list of the positives and negatives of a resolution in order to keep change in perspective.

“Some changes are more difficult to make than others and it’s important to remember why the change is good for you as well as any potential drawbacks. I’ve found it helpful to create a running list of all the pros and cons of resolutions so that I can motivate myself. If it’s visually apparent why a change is good for me it’s easy to realize why I should continue doing the necessary tasks to make that change come to fruition.”

Analyze your mistakes

The Quality Edit is a resource for discovering the best products and brands available for purchase online. Their co-founder, Lauren Kleinman, considers learning from any past mistakes to be a wonderful way to make resolutions come to life.

“On the way to any goal there will be roadblocks and missteps. When these things take place, the right mentality for moving forward is absolutely necessary. On one hand, you can let the difficulties overrun you and derail your progress. However, if you’re serious about accomplishing what you’ve set before yourself then take the time to analyze what went wrong and why. Doing so will allow for more productivity in the future and keep you from making similar mistakes one more time.”


Regardless of whether one is seeking to change personal habits or gain a professional advantage, they should realize that it likely took a long period of time to reach the place they’re in with bad habits or a job they currently hold. Furthermore, changing present circumstances will also take time. Expectful offers holistic care and advice for pregnant women. Their co-founder and CEO, Nathalie Walton, believes patience is essential.

“It’s likely the case that a resolution you’ve set was made because it’s something you desire. When desire is present, it’s very easy to get caught up in thinking about that idea constantly to the point where you simply want that desire met. But, tempering your expectations and maintaining a calm mind throughout your growth is the correct mindset.”

Talk about them

Roman Taranov is the CEO of Able, a virtual coaching service aimed at losing weight, gaining muscle or getting in shape. He suggests discussing and publizing goals to friends and family because doing so will lend support from those people.

“Everyone needs encouragement when they’re attempting something new or when differentiating from their norm. If you keep your resolutions private, those around you will be unaware of what you’re going through and are unable to offer their advice or assistance. Humans thrive on community and their relationships with others and the mental boost that your relationships can provide is second to none.”

Resolutions of meaning are entirely worthwhile when followed through. However, that is easier said than done. Hopefully, the advice above can prove beneficial towards making desires turn existing staples in life. Change is possible regardless of present circumstances. President of High Point University, Nido Qubein, put it best, “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.”

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