Why were New Yorkers riding the subway with no pants on Sunday?

new yorkers pantless subway ride

Yesterday, Sunday, Jan 8th, 2018 – It was reading 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-7.78 degree Celsius). It was damn freezing, but some people boarding the subway came donning their winter clothes on top but no pants at the bottom.

Weird thing, the pantless passengers were acting normal, like nothing is out of the ordinary. The ladies and the gentlemen all pantless sitting across each other, and with a straight face playing it off cool.

The weird New York tradition of riding the subway with no pants

Apparently, it is a tradition in the ‘Big Apple’ alongside other major cities around the world where once a day, people board the subway wearing nothing but undergarments for pants. The weird ‘cultural event’ was particularly tasking for folks living in cold cities like New York.

As you can see below, other pantless subway riders where the weather was more accommodating had fun filled weird time walking around with no pants.

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