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Newest User Friendly Android Launcher: Necta Launcher

by Fahad Saleem

Newest User Friendly Android Launcher: Necta Launcher

If you are looking for a launcher with extensively customizable interface or that has many different themes, you go for the popular launchers like Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, Mini Launcher or other launchers like this. These launchers are pretty good and customizable if you become bored with the standard launcher in your Android phone. But what if you are looking for a launcher which is very easy to use and is not complex at all?

The answer is Necta Launcher. Although the above mentioned launchers are very nice to look at and flexible, their flexibility comes with a price, that is complexity. We all know that new technology takes much time for elderly people to familiarize. And to top it off with Android interface, they really get confused. Necta Launcher has simplified things to a great extent.

necta 2


Necta Launcher is very different from the other Android Launchers in terms of user interfacing. For traditional launchers, interface for commonly used core phone apps like messaging, calling, contact search and camera do not change. Necta Launcher changes everything. The main screen of the launcher has bold icons and blue background (color can be changed in the settings). The bold icons give more room to be pressed easily and bold writing is easy to read. You can view the apps by just scrolling down.


The new interfacing for apps is also very user friendly. You get big buttons in dial pad. For recent calls and contacts, you get large images and distinct call signs. This is very helpful for people having weak eyesight or shaky hands. There is also an easy to use weather app. Taking photos has also been made a lot easier than the standard camera control of your phone. The messaging app has the most basic interface, like the one that used to be in early touchscreen phones.

SOS Feature

This launcher also features SOS, which can be turned on and you can make SOS call or send an SOS message by waving your hand three times in front of the screen.

necta 3


If you want to find a fancy launcher, you can find hundreds of them on the Play store, but that’s what they only are, “fancy”. This launcher makes the lives of older people easy by simplifying the accessibility to the technology of smartphones.

Download Necta Launcher here for free.

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