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News Feed on Google Maps!? Where businesses can post news updates to followers

by Felix Omondi
google maps

Google Maps keeps introducing new features nobody really wants, but some are making the app bloated and that is now becoming a problem.

A more recent feature to be introduced on Google Maps is the news updates. Where businesses and restaurants can now publish periodic news and updates about their establishment. Users will get the updates through a somewhat News Feed updates for establishments they have followed. Yeap, you read that right! You can now follow businesses on Google Maps. Seems like they killed Google Plus only to reincarnate it into Google Maps.

There are critics who argue the new feature makes the app more bloated. Especially for those who need a map to help them navigate to their desired location.

On the flip side, one may argue, “when searching for information about a restaurant, motel, or any other business establishment in a given area. Why should you turn to other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to get more news update about the establishment?”

You can’t deny critics may have a good cause to complain Google Maps is getting bloated. And the engineers behind it may be losing sight of what made it the best mapping service of our time.

However, from an efficiency point of view. You simply need to launch one app to get the direction to a restaurant or bar near you. The same app will also give you periodic updates about the establishment as time goes by. As opposed to when you need to open Google Maps and another social networking app or sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Other new features on Google Maps

Send ETAs to friends and family

Plan group dinners

Control music playback while navigating

Share battery level with contact

‘Match’ you with a restaurant

Car park reminder, reminding you where you parked your car

Find nearest charging station for owners of electric cars

Real-time transit schedules

Some in the list above are useful; well, at least to most people. Some are simply bloatedness for most users.

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