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Newton one of best email clients for Macs is now available on Window 10

by Felix Omondi

As a heavy email user, my email client must be well designed with great features; cluttered UI just makes things confusing me, especially if I keep getting many emails back and forth from different sources. So shopping around for the best email clients is something I must do. While shopping around, you get to know the top tier email clients out there, and Newton email client (formerly known as CloudMagic) is as best as they come.

Up to until just recently, Newton was only available on Mac, and they’ve just beta launched on Windows 10. You can install it now on your PC by downloading it from the Windows Store.

Why as a PC user you want Newton

While the built-in stock Mail and Calendar are okay, but for a power user, you will quickly find it lacking in terms of UI and just seems cluttered. However, Microsoft’s Outlook 2016 is pretty great, but you can also feel they went a little overboard with the design, perhaps too many features not well put up in a friendly UI. Outlook 2016 takes some time getting used to and might come off as a bit technical.

Well, with Newton, you get a fresh breath of life to your emailing task. It is like Outlook 2016 without the ‘over-the-top’ features making it simple to use, without any compromise on killer features a power user might need.

Top features of the Newton email client

Here are some of the best features on Newton:

Send Later: This feature enables you to schedule your emails to send later. As it works out, you can compose your new email (or your reply to an email) and select a future time you want it to send When that time arrives, Newton will automatically send out the email, regardless of whether or not you have the app open; or even if you are online.

Get quick information on the Sender: You know how you get an email from a person you don’t know and before you decide if or how you are going to reply, you run a quick Google search on them? Well, with Newton, you might never need to run a quick information search on the sender, as the email client automatically gives you a quick info on the sender.

Read Receipts: Most of us like to know that our message was sent, and when the receiver read our messages. You only need to look at the number of instant messaging apps that have this feature; take, for instance, those blue ticks on WhatsApp for instance. With Newton, you will get to know exactly when the recipient read your email.

Now, to the downside of up; Newton is a subscription-based email client. To use it, you will need to part with $49.99 per year. Although, they do give you a 14 days trial period, during which you get to use all the features and see if they entice you enough to buy the premium package.

You can download the Newton email client from the Windows Store at this link.

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