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nHub raises undisclosed amount of Funding from Local Angel Investor

by Milicent Atieno
nHub raises undisclosed amount of Funding from Local Angel Investor

Northern Nigeria’s oldest and biggest tech hub, nHub, made the announcement that it received a sum of money from a local angel investor. Though nHub remained tight-lipped on exactly how much money the received. Though they categorically stated the funds would go towards boosting their capacity as an outsourcing hub.

nHub was founded back in 2015 by one Daser David. The tech hub set out to empower startup entrepreneurs with great potential but without the necessary support network and fund to scale their operations.

nHub strives to provide these startup entrepreneurs with tools, resources, and expertise needed to take their product to the next level. It is also home to startups businesses that are just about every stage of maturity; from those just starting off, those starting to get some traction, to those that have established themselves firmly within their industry.

nHub also offers an extensive range of services to businesses such as consultancy, mentorship, training, and outsourcing. The outsourcing part is actually the lifeline of the hub. Its previous clients include the Nigerian government, military, and private firms. nHub runs from money it makes from these projects.

This recent seed investment nHub has secured, is its first external investment. It will be channeled towards boosting the hub’s capacity as an outsourcing hub and serve more clients. It in-house developers will get more jobs, hopefully on a more consistent basis and with better rewards. More jobs also mean for the opportunity for practical training for the student developers.

The said investor is said to have reached out to nHub after seeing the amazing work they do and fell in love with the team. The given funds though not disclosed, rumors are saying it runs into eight figures and is naira denominated. The investor is said to have given the funds without asking for an equity stake in the hub.

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