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Nigeria launches another anonymous chat app, Banta

by Milicent Atieno

Anonymity seems to be the in thing right now. People have become ‘too chicken’ to do upfront tackle uncomfortable topics in person. The courage, confidence, and a sense of protection that comes with airing your view anonymously seems liberating to the many. You only need to look at how Sarahah rose up the App Store charts so quickly, and now the West African country, Nigeria, has released another anonymous chat app, Banta.

The brains behind Banta, Mark Afolabi, is the same guy behind Whitespace that provides affordable internet connection to the underserved communities in West Africa. The app, Banta, is a social media platform where users get to interact with one another anonymously.

Users can express their opinions, displeasures, ideas, experiences, and just about anything on the social media platform without fear of victimization. That is because the users’ identity is kept secret.

It more or less does what Sarahah promised to do from the on-set; allow you to interact with your family and friends anonymously. However, as it was later proved, Sarahah was dishonest about the full extent of what the app was doing on the users’ smartphone. It is alleged, it was uploading your phone book contacts online, sharing it with some entities without the user’s knowledge or discreet permission.

Banta also enables you to create a community of anonymous followers, who will continuously give you feedback on various aspects of your life. It is still not clear how the developers of this app plan to monetize this platform. Several ideas being thrown out there include rendering ads and premium pages for companies and influential personalities among others.

For more details about this anonymous chatting app from Nigeria, visit its page on Google Play app store by clicking this link.


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