Nigeria mobile game publisher ChopUp partners with US’s GameMine for global distribution

chopup nigeria

ChopUp, the Nigeria-based startup that deals with mobile game publishing has partnered with the U.S.-based game publisher GameMine to distribute its African-themed across the globe. The startup, which began operating in 2012, has been developing locally (Nigeria) relevant games with an African theme. The ChopUp games allow gamers to interact through in-game achievements.

The partnership was made public last week, and ChopUp’s selection of mobile games are already available at GameMine’s diverse library of titles. That means ChopUp’s potential customer base has opened up to include millions of mobile gamers across the world.

ChopUp’s current user base stands at around 700,000, but with its new partnership with GameMine, that figure is expected to grow to several million.

The GameMine partnership puts our company on the international stage and distributes our games to millions of people around the world. This huge boost in exposure is fantastic for our company, and we’re impressed that GameMine has shown so much interest in working with local businesses like ours,” said Zubair Abubakar, the co-founder of ChopUp.

GameMine is taking concrete, proactive steps to create legitimate economic opportunities in geographic regions that need them, and we are very thankful for this.”

GameMine is on an expansion drive across the African continent. It has already inked a partnership with Vodacom and Orange. It is also said to be working on which other Africa-based companies it can also go into partnership.

Their counterpart, Daniel Star the CEO of GameMine, said: “As GameMine continues to expand and refine our mobile game catalog, we are excited to be able to offer localized content to our subscribers. We have a very strong presence in Africa, and I’m confident ChopUp’s games will really resonate with our African subscribers.”

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