Nigeria Says Bye Bye Elections, and Hello Valentine!

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Nigeria Says Bye Bye Elections, and Hello Valentine!

Now that the ladies finally get their wish, their fervent prayers for the elections to be postponed have been answered, leaving us (the men in their lives) suddenly in shock on an empty pocket.

There you have it; the man in your life is in shock as you read this. He is probably surfing the web nervously in search of a perfect gift for you or planning the perfect getaway for two on an empty pocket. Even worse, he might be seeking a loan from his bank to finance this just to make you happy this Valentine’s day, awwwww he sure loves you.

One piece of advice here, if I were your boyfriend and I’m borrowing N500,000.00 ($2,469) to splash on you for 1 DAY, please know that i will grumble for the next 3 months until the loan has been fully paid. So think about it, for 1 day of happiness you get in exchange 90 days of grumbling. Wouldn’t you be better off helping him plan the perfect getaway for the two of you? A getaway to somewhere you guys can spend some romantic time together – preferable outdoors and top it up with a room dinner listening to ‘Just the two of us’ by Grover Washington. I won’t concern myself with the details of whatever happens after this…lol.

Anyway, depending on your location, I will suggest a few places that are budget friendly and have an extra dose of romance to boot so you and your loved one can have that special Valentine weekend.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort – Lagos

Away from the usually bustle of Lagos beaches, far after Lekki is the exotic Eko Tourist Beach Resort. The enchanting breeze of the ocean is incredible creating a perfect atmosphere for lovers to have fun and relax. A walk through the sandy beach coupled with the beautiful water will have you wishing you have the moment for life.

Obudu Ranch Hotel & Resort –  Calabar, Cross River

The lush greenery and remarkable landscape surrounding the Obudu Mountain Resort is totally astounding and there is no better place to enjoy a romantic evening than at the resort taking in the tranquillity, climate and relishing the breathtaking views. Obudu Mountain Resort is on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountains in Cross River.

Epe Resort –  Lagos

Epe Resort is a luxury resort nestled in the lush green hillside of a tropical forest, bordering the Lekki Lagoon. The resort is designed with stonewalls and has a rich dark wood interior.

All rooms in Epe Resort are wonderfully spacious with patios overlooking the sprawling gardens. Each room also has an en-suite bathroom, a flat screen TV with satellite channels, mahogany worktables, upholstered armchairs and ornate lamps. Its on-site restaurant serves traditional and international dishes made from the freshest ingredients bought from Epe’s famous fish market. Guests can also enjoy cocktails by the pool deck. The resort features a tennis court and a volley ball court. Guests can also enjoy board games, mini football and mountain biking activities.

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort –  Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Popularly referred to as ‘The Pride of Akwa Ibom State’, Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort is a welcoming facility situated on top a rich palm forest vegetation. The Hotel houses 156 fully furnished air conditioned rooms which are equipped with modern hotel facilities. The Hotel also offers wireless internet access, conference/event facilities and airport pick-up services. The lush greens of the world class 18-hole golf course create the right atmosphere for the most memorable golfing experience. The Hotel is located 10 minutes away from the state capital, Uyo and so Guests have the opportunity to engage in local sightseeing.

MicCom Golf Resort –  Osun state

A privately owned golf course, Miccom Golf Resort is located in Osun State in the rustic town of Ada. Set in a serene, picturesque location deep within the lovely and tranquil forests of the South-West, perfect for a romantic selfie. But be warned the tranquility of the resort is regularly broken by the musical chirping of beautiful birds.

Ladies please accept the fact that your lover will buy you that 2015 Range Rover Evogue someday BUT not now, not in 2015. My advice to you guys is that as a matter of urgency, please start lowering your expectations as by doing so you are reducing the pressure on us. At least this valentine won’t be about President Jonathan, General Buhari or Prof. Jega. It will be about you and loved one on your perfect valentine getaway.

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