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When Nigeria and Silicon Valley collide…KAD ICT HUB attends Blockchain in California

by Gina Williamson

When Nigeria and Silicon Valley collide…

KAD ICT HUB a hub for entrepreneurs, computer engineering, software development, software testing and IT training will be attending this year’s Blockchain conference and exhibition in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley), November 29-30, 2017.

What is Blockchain? Blockchain Expo North America 2017 will bring together 2000 attendees from across the blockchain world, so it is bound to packed with interesting individuals and companies. As well as the talks, attendees will be able to experience for themselves the incredible growth of the sector by taking a look around the exhibition, which will feature an amazing array of companies.

Why is KAT ICT HUB attending? We are know there has been a severe lack of diversity for decades in the tech industry especially in Silicon Valley. And now people of color are joining together to attend nationally-known conferences and showcase what they are building in their cities/countries. But they are taking it one step further by inviting Silicon Valley speakers to their locations to see for themselves…disruption can happen anywhere.

According to reports, Nigeria’s technology industry is poised to take off, following the explosive growth in the Telecom sector over the past decade. Some global companies are already positioning themselves to take part. IBM has created innovation hubs in the Lagos and Calabar, joining the search engine giant Google. Perhaps more exciting, however, is the rush to create working spaces for new, Nigerian-owned and founded companies.

In March 2018, KAD ICT HUB will organize their inaugural conference “Disruptive Technology”. Their network of local and international partners and world class organizations including NITDA, Cashaa and Coders4Africa – will come together in Abuja, Nigeria to showcase any city and country can develop a disruptive technology product. “I’m looking forward to getting the word out about the Africa Blockchain lab which is a partnership between the KAD ICT HUB and Coinfirm as we all as getting speakers for upcoming conference in 2018.” Yusuf Bashir, Co-Founder/CEO of KAD ICT HUB.

Well Yusef Bashir and KAD ICT HUB – we wish you good luck as you build your network in Silicon Valley and prep for the launch of your upcoming conference in Nigeria. Technology has and will continue to impact the lives of everyday people including Nigerians across industries like agriculture, business, education, entertainment, healthcare, and government – We need more disruptors that represent what the world really looks like.

Check KAD ICT HUB on Twitter @Kadhud to follow their experience at Blockchain expo 2017 and learn more about their organization on their website:







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