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Nigerian Airline Dana Air Launches The FlyDana Mobile App To Improve Passengers Travel Experience

Nigerian Airline Dana Air Launches The FlyDana Mobile App To Improve Passengers Travel Experience

Booking an airline should be fun; it marks the start of a fun trip or vacation, but this is not always the c

ase. You sometimes find yourself feeling weary and dejected after you’ve successfully booked yourself an airline ticket, because of the tedious hassles you undergo in the process of booking yourself a flight. The tedious process can kick start your journey on a drained and worn out tempo, taking away all the fun that boarding an aircraft for your holiday or trip should have.

Nigerian airline Dana Air has taken all these passenger hassles into consideration and has presented a solution in a mobile and social media based sales and distribution service platform. Meant to improve their passengers all-round experience travel especially on matters dealing with searching for flights, booking and checking-in. Dubbed the FlyDana Mobile, this app can

best be described as innovative and enhanced solution from Data Air. It allows passengers to view flight information and their availability in real-time. All the while, giving passengers a convenient option of paying and booking for their flights by only using their mobile phones.

Dana Air says, “With the introduction of the mobile app, Dana Air has further aligned its vision with technology in providing innovative and pioneering solutions centered on improving passenger experience. The FlyDana Mobile App is powered by FlyNow Mobile and developed by Fountedge Technologies; a UK-based aviation mobile technology solution provider.”

During the launching of

the FlyDana Mobile app, Head of Commercial at Dana Air, Obi Mbanuzuo said that the airline is committed to producing products that will enhance their overall customer experience. Mr. Mbanuzuo said that the app provides, “a one-stop shop that will allow more customers easy access to tickets, great value fares either for business or leisure trips.” he furthers emphasized on the security of the app saying it uses enhanced security encryption that is guaranteed to secure all the passengers transactions.


He further added, “Mobile solutions are now a trend in the aviation industry and FlyDana Mobile App will further transform the way people purchase Dana Air tickets as the mobile app will allow our guests to experience a spectacular change in overall customer travel experience through this secure and effective distribution channel”.


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