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Nigerian Born Cyprian Emeka Uzoh; Undoubtedly One Of The Leading Inventors From Africa

by Felix Omondi

Nigerian Born Cyprian Emeka Uzoh; Undoubtedly One Of The Leading Inventors From Africa
Nigerian Born Cyprian Emeka Uzoh; Undoubtedly One Of The Leading Inventors From AfricaNigeria is slowly but steadily engraving its name on the positive sides of the world’s history, whether it is in the movies industry, music industry and now even the technology industry. Over the years, many Nigerians are making ground breaking inventions and innovations in technology. One of such great people is Cyprian Emeka Uzoh, who has over 126 US issued patents and more than 160 patents globally in the semiconductor technology.

One particular patent that earned Cyprian Emeka much recognition and can be termed as his greatest achievement in his career is the US Patent No. 6709562: Method of Making Electroplated Interconnection Structures on Integrated Circuit Chips. This patent earned him The Inventor Of The Year award of 2006, from New York Intellectual Property Association. Other high profiled contribution to technology Cyprian Emeka had are as listed below:

Patent No. 5793272 – Integrated Circuit Toroidal Inductor: This was filed in August 1996 and assigned by International Business Machines Corporation. This invention consists of a toroidal inductor, transformer and high quality factor (Q) which are compatible to Silicon-VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) processing power, but consume less IC area and operates at a higher frequency.

Patent No. 5807165 – Method of Electrochemical Mechanical Planarization: Filled in September, 1998 by IBM. This patent is about a way of planarizing a specific layer of a given work piece such that the semiconductor wafer as well as rotating the layer against the electrolytic slurry polishing and then flowing electrical current over the slurry and over only a single major side and/or the layer’s minor sides for the purpose of removing parts of the layer.

Patent No. 5755859 – Cobalt-tin Alloys and their application for Devices, Chip, Interconnections and Packaging: The patent was filled in August 1995 under the IBM as the assignee. This patent is about a electrolessly process which deposits cobalt-tin alloys having adjustable tin content ranging from 1 to more than 25 atomic percent tin as being disclosed. These deposited alloys are quite useful whe it comes to computer and electronics industries, for chip interconnection, packaging applications and devices.

Patent No. 6666959 – Semiconductor Workpiece Proximity Plating Methods and Apparatus: It was filled back in October 2001 and as Nutool, Inc. as the assignee. This is a preset invention that is related to the various methods and apparatus meant for plating any conductive material while having a semiconductor as the substrate then rotating the pad or either blade type objects in very close proximity from the substrate.

Application No. 20030164302 – Chip Interconnect and Pacaging Deposition Methods and Structures: This was filled on 4th April 2003. This invention is related to a way in which high performance chip interconnected and packaged  through provision of a mechanism for depositing conductive materials within a substrate cavities in a very time saving and quite efficient manner.

The above mentioned patents are just few of the example of patents held by Cyprian Emeka Uzoh. Some of which he worked on, all on his own. While others are those he worked on with a team of colleagues and he shared the inventory work with them. But like I said earlier Cyprian Emeka has 126 US patents in USA and more than 160 patents globally. To view more of Cyprian Emeka’s achievements which have not been named so far click here.

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