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Nigerian Coding Brothers Make A Better Google Chrome-Like Browser For Feature Phones

by Felix Omondi
Nigerian Coding Brothers Make A Better Google Chrome-Like Browser For Feature Phones

Currently, I can fairly say that Google Chrome is the best browser out there, but only if you have a top-notch device with large memory capacity. However, there are many users out there complaining about Chrome taking too much of the memory resources on their devices. There are also some occasional lags now and then. Users with top-notch also experience this, albeit with less severity.

Chrome maybe the fastest browser out there, but only if you are using the right kind of device, and even then, memory hog is still an issue. For the African continent, the majority of users use middle to entry-level devices to access the internet. Obviously, they will not warm up to Google Chrome given in most areas internet speed are low, and the costs are high. They could do without more frustrations brought by using Chrome browser.

One software developer that has addressed this issue is Opera Software ASA. With their Opera Mini browser and Opera Max app that have become quite so popular across the African continent. Well, it has now emerged that a pair of teen brothers from Nigeria wants a share in the mobile browser business. The two brothers, Anesi and Osine Ikhianosim from Nigeria have developed a Google Chrome-inspired mobile browser, the Crocodile Browser Lite. The browser is said to offer users a much better browsing experience on feature phones and entry-level smartphones.

Nigerian Coding Brothers Make A Better Google Chrome-Like Browser For Feature PhonesThe Ikhianosim brothers came up with this browser after they; themselves became frustrated with the Google Chrome browser. They then decided to code their own; a better version of the Google Chrome browser as reported by the BBC.

The brothers named their browser, Crocodile Browser Lite. It is already available for download from Google Play Store with installs ranging between 10,000 to 50,0000. To read the reviews or download the Crocodile Browser Lite, click here.

However, the more interesting part is that Anesi is only 13 years old, and Osine is 15 years old. You would be forgiven for dismissing them as your typical adolescent teenage boys. That like spending much of their time on the computers playing video games with in between breaks to Google search ‘How to get a girlfriend’. They are not your typical teenage boys; most of their time spent in front of a computer is used for coding and developing software.

The teen’s mother said they learned how to use a computer even before they knew how to read, as cited by UrbanIntellectuals. The mom says Anesi and Osine have been problem solvers right from their early years and were thrilled by things to do with technology, creating and building.

At the age of 7 and 9, Anesi and Osine were already thinking of starting their own tech company. They were inspired by Microsoft’s Windows and hence decided to name their tech company Doors. This name would however not be theirs, given it was already in existence and used by another person. Therefore, they settled for the name BluDoors as the name of their company. At the age of 12 and 14, the two brothers taught themselves how to code.

While speaking to UrbanIntellectual Anesi said, “I learned to code by myself. I started in 2013. I used sites like Code Academy, Code Avengers and books like Android for Game Development and Game for Dummies.”

Thanks to Ikhianosim brothers, users with entry-level smartphones and feature phones have more options to add to their alternatives to Google Chrome browsers. This market is enormous, given the vast majority of users in the developing world do not own high-end smartphones and computers where Chrome browsers are at their optimum performance.

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