Nigeria’s ISP Tizeti has received undisclosed amount to scale operations across Africa

Tizeti Inc

Tizeti Inc., a Lagos-based ICT service provider has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from venture capital company, Zeno Ventures to scale operations across Africa.

Tizeti provides reliable and affordable internet connection to people living within the urban areas. It does so through solar-powered Wi-Fi towers that carry internet from the submarine cables to the users’ locations. The internet service provider (ISP), was launched back in 2012 and now wants to spread its reach across the continent.

Tizeti, through its consumer brand, offers unlimited internet connection to users at a fee of $30 per month. The company also provides hotspot services to users on a short term basis.

Tizeti is part of the recent graduates of the Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 (YC W17) cohorts. It graduated alongside four other startups from Nigeria and Morocco’s WaystoCap. All the graduates walked home with massive support in both cash and kind.

Tizeti owes its recent funding by Zeno Ventures to its participation on the Y Combinator’s Winters 2017 competition. The competition apparently won the startup a lot of fame and fortune. In addition to placing it on the radar of angel investors looking for their next venture. Zeno Ventures is based in Geneva and San Francisco. It is always on the lookout for promising international startup companies to invest in, and it so happens Tizeti managed to impress them.

The funds obtained from Zeno Ventures is said to be put towards scaling Tizeti’s services across Africa. Services that entails providing unlimited internet connections to millions of Africans under affordable data plans .

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