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Nigeria’s chatbot for bill payments now available on Skype and Telegram

by Milicent Atieno chatbot

In our yesterday’s feature, we talked about as part of the six artificial intelligence startup companies in Africa to watch out. Today, it emerges has made a step further to scaling its products beyond the boundaries of Nigeria, and become an African and international player. is now available on mainstream chatting apps; Skype and Telegram. Giving users more platforms to interact with the technology over messaging apps they are already familiar with, and more reasons not to physically visit their brick-and-mortar banks.

While the AI-startup presence is mainly within Nigeria, it availability on Skype and Telegram proves it is getting the right international headlines. It is also making the right steps towards growing its user-base outside Nigeria.

Since its launch, the Kudi chatbot has only been available on Facebook Messenger, a platform some may not view to be very professional or secure. Now that it is available on Telegram, a messaging app that has made its name as being highly secured, users’ fears of their banking details privacy and security should be allayed.

As far as Skype goes, Kudi chatbot availability on this platform, might appeal well for the business class. Who have taken Skype as the professional platform for conducting all business-related instant communications.

Rumors have it that is working further to be on WhatsApp, Slack and WeChat and other mainstream messaging apps.

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