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Nigeria’s OyaPay release new update that include ‘Order Ahead’ feature

by Felix Omondi
nigeria oyapay

OyaPay, the Nigeria-based fintech startup, which enables users to pay merchants by simply scanning a QR code has released a new update for its mobile app. The new update comes with the new ‘Order Ahead’ feature.

We previously featured this startup when they integrated the new Bluetooth and QR payments for offline use. You can read more on that at this link. This startup provides an innovative checkout solution for retailers like supermarkets, by enabling a seamless shopping and payment experience for both users and merchants.

The latest update comes with ‘Order Ahead’ feature that allows merchants to list the products they are selling, take orders from customers, and receive payment from the customers through the app. The customers can then pick up their orders when they are ready.

The startup said, with the new ‘Order Ahead’ feature, the platform becomes stronger and is positioning itself to become a one-stop app destination for online shoppers. The shoppers simply make order, make the payment, and pick the products when they’re ready.

This new feature allows OyaPay to further achieve its mission of allowing users and offline businesses transact digitally. We’ve succeeded in satisfying the urge to be more than just any other payment solution,” said Abdulhamid Hassan, the CEO of OyaPay.

There was always that strong desire to provide more value to our end users and merchants. We are extremely glad that every registered user or business on OyaPay can do more than just make and receive payments.”

Other than the ‘Order Ahead’ feature, the new update also came with other new features such as loyalty and gifting service, a responsive dashboard for merchants where they can manage their businesses, customers, SDK integration, and marketing tools.

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