Nigeria’s Samson Ogbole grows Crops right out of the Air using Aeroponics technology

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Nigeria is home to at least 190 million people, and the vast majority of this population are youths. Educated youths, might I add, who are eager to get out into the world and ‘conquer it’. Problem is, there are not that many employment opportunities available. Those who seek self-employment have the uphill task of overcoming lack of capital and inadequate public governance which does very little to support small businesses.

You, therefore, find many youths leaving their rural homes for the urban centers to do any job they can get. However, what most get there is a job that only takes them from hand to mouth. Others do decide to leave the country for other neighboring African countries or overseas. Sometimes legally, and in other times through dangerous voyages aboard boats not designed for open waters sailing.

Samson Ogbole’s Aeroponics Farming

Samson Ogbole from Ogun State has found an innovative way of making money through farming. As we all know, times have been hard on farmers all over the world, not just in Africa. All thanks to global warming that has made weather patterns erratic; when it rains it pours when it dries up, it bakes up the land.

The 21st-century farmer can no longer rely on the natural climate for profitable yields. Today’s farming calls for climate-smart farming, and Ogbole has taken to produce crops right of the air. No, it is not ‘juju’ or anything like that, he uses an innovative farming technology known as aeroponics.

Where he sprays nutrient-rich moisture to the roots of plants suspended in a greenhouse. This farming technique does not require the use of any soil, produces more yield per unit area compared to conventional farming, and does not have a suitable environment for pests to flourish.

Though much of what Ogbole produces is food crop, which is nonetheless good business given the big population that is Nigeria. I mean people got to eat, right! If Ogbole could scale his technology and produce cash crops as well. He will have higher returns on his aeroponics farming.

This technology could also be borrowed by the millions of people facing food insecurity across Africa. Especially those living in desert and semi-desert areas where water is scarce and farming is a historical concept. Since this farming is done indoors (inside a greenhouse) there is less water lost to evaporation, and in general, uses less water to produce crops, and the yields are high.

Samson has a Degree in Biochemistry from University of Igbinedion

Samson has a Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Igbinedion. He began his venture into aeroponics in 2014, when he rolled up his sleeve and ventured into farming. Something most youths think is something should be done by the old and retired people in the rural areas. Most youths want to live in urban areas as soon as they are done with their education; perhaps working white collar jobs inside an air-conditioned office and getting into their cars in the evening. Then drive to their homes inside gated estates.

With Samson, perhaps the views youth have of farming will change, since the sector can be a real ‘cash cow’. Especially when run by young, energetic, and educated minds. Not the old and weak who use outdated farming methods, which will not thrive on this planet facing global warming.

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