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The No-BS Advice on Getting Organic Likes and Reach on Facebook Without Paying a Dime

by Fahad Saleem

Facebook is the most-used social media app. Facebook’s monthly active users have reached almost $2 billion, which means that over 30% of the world population uses Facebook. This shows a massive opportunity for your business and personal brand. But most of the beginners opt the easy way out: paying Facebook money to get likes and followers. While this approach may appear useful in the short term, it’s almost a consensus that non-organic reach and paying for likes result in lack of engagement and almost zero business conversion in the long term.

How to Get Organic Likes and Reach on Facebook Without Paying a Dime

You must keep in mind Facebook’s news feed algorithm, which decides which posts a user would see on their timeline.

News Feed Visibility: C*P*T*R

C= Creator (Who is the Creator, Page; the Identity of the creator of the post)

P: Posts’ performance (The performance of the post among other users’ news feeds. Likes, comment and views the post is getting)

T= Type of Post (Whether It’s an image-based post, video, text or a combination of these)

R= Recency of the Post based on Time

It Will Take Time

If you just made a Facebook page, it’ll be impossible for you to understand that how does a Facebook page could gain thousands and thousands of likes. But with hard work, patience and perseverance, Facebook helps you in building your brand. Beginner users jump to spend dollars to promote their Facebook pages, but you should understand that there is no match to organic likes and reach on Facebook. This reach would give you actual results.

Fill Out All the Information

This may seem a cliché but it is indispensable to fill out as much information as you can about your Facebook page. Give your address, phone number; type a clear and concise section explaining your services/brand and what the page is about. Facebook grades new pages based on the information they show. You should literally leave no box unfilled. You must design a good profile photo and a professional cover for your Facebook page. For example, here is a bad example of a Facebook page which doesn’t have its information filled in. Make sure to fill up all these sections.

Your Facebook page should have a profile photo which depicts your brand. It should be simple, but crisp enough to convey the idea.

Target Posts Around the Hottest Keywords on Facebook

The best way to increase organic likes and reach on Facebook is through your website content. The first thing you should do is to see what posts are getting the most likes and shares on Facebook. Just type a keyword in Facebook search and see all the related pages which belong to your niche. Open these famous pages and mark the posts which have the most number of likes, comments and shares. Read these posts and see which areas they are targeting. Create excellent and quality content around the topics and share it on Facebook. This strategy not only increases Facebook reach, it also helps you get tons of organic traffic from Google.

Get the Best Out of Facebook Insights

I want to draw your attention to the most important free tool you can use to increase Facebook likes and reach. This tool is provided by none other than Facebook. The tool is called “Facebook Insights”.

In Facebook insights you can see all sorts of data and check out which posts are working and which aren’t. But the most important thing is the “Pages to Watch” section. In this section Facebook shows you your biggest competitors. You can open these pages and see the kind of posts these pages are sharing.

Flood your Page with Videos and Facebook Live Sessions

Posting regular videos and doing Facebook Live sessions is a must for your page. Facebook’s news feed algorithm heavily favors video and live streaming content. Instead of “sharing” videos via other pages, upload exciting videos. Your page will grow at a faster rate. Also, don’t be shy of going live on Facebook. Ask your friends to ask you questions in the comments as a start. As you will keep posting videos and live content, Facebook will suggest your page to its newly launched videos section.

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