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No Deposit Bonus and How Players Benefit From It


Online casinos are noted for their generosity in bonuses in comparison to the bricks-and-mortar casino which offers limited benefits. Bonuses are one of the major reasons why punters keep on betting in the hope to increase their bankroll by gaining more money higher than their deposit.

A casino bonus is a marketing strategy to lure prospective players to sign up and make a deposit on a site or make a deposit again. Some casino sites go the extra mile by organizing tournaments. introduce top-notched casinos that offer the best bonus and more promos.

No Deposit Bonus

A No Deposit Bonus is a free bonus that can be used to play real money games. This type of bonus is deposited into the account of the player but it cannot be withdrawn as real cash unless some requirements provided by the site will be met.

What is the requirement? A player has to make a deposit at the site and then a bonus code will be automatically given to the player to claim the bonus. No deposit bonus is ideal for newly signed up players, especially for players who wanted to test the water first before making a commitment to the casino site.

Is this bonus applicable to newly signed up players only? This bonus is also offered to players who have been idle for quite some time to perk up their interest. It comes as a real money credit which can be used for free sometimes in a certain game or titles like free spin or free table games.

What do we expect from the No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonus is a sure-winner benefit given by the site to the player. Players usually enjoy exclusive promos and generous amounts of bonus cash and if you’re new to the site, it is an opportunity for the player to practice other casino games without risking one’s deposit and a greater chance of winning. After all, it is free.

Some casino sites offer just No Deposit Bonus but also offer extras such as:

  •       Extra free spins
  •       More casino game credits
  •       Extra free cash
  •       Additional free table chips
  •       More loyalty points (especially to idle clients)

Different Types of No Deposit Casino Bonus

No Deposit Bonus comes in different types. These are:

1. Free Cash

The casino will give a small amount of cash to the newly signed-up player for them to explore the site and play any casino game using the free cash. Real cash will be deposited to the account if the payer should the player wins.

2. Welcome Bonus

This is typical for the majority of casino players both online and offline. It is given to the player who has just signed up and it comes as a free spin. If they win the game, they are required to complete the sign-up by giving a deposit to enjoy one’s winnings.

 3. Free Spins

Free spins are offered to players to play slots. This happens when the casino site is advertising a new game in slots or other promos. If they win, bonus cash will be deposited into the account of the player.

4. Free Play Bonus

It can also be called Free Time Bonus. The casino site will give the player bonus chips which is quite higher compared to other bonuses. A specific game will be given by the site to the player. When the time is up, the winnings that the player gets will be credited to the account.

5. No Deposit Free Spin

The player will be offered free spins after signing up without asking for a wagering requirement. The catch here is it is limited to which game can be enjoyed by the player.

 6. Games No Deposit Bonus

Similar to number six, this type of bonus depends upon the type of package that the casino site offers. The site may offer other casino games and slots but blackjack, roulette, and poker might be excluded because of the small house edge. If the requirement is met, a bigger chance of earning a lot of money is possible.

7. Cashback Bonus

This type of No Deposit Bonus is given to players who have been with the casino site for quite some time or for players who is idle on the site. This bonus serves as a loyalty reward to the idle player and at times players receive a part of their losses if they did not win that day.

 8. Refer a friend

This is similar to a referral bonus and is applicable to old customers. They have the privilege to send a referral link to their friends or acquaintances and invite them to the site. Once their friend reciprocates the invite and completes the requirements, the player will be given free bets of casino cash.

 9. Free Bets

Free bets are usually given to the new customers from the site like a welcome drink after signing up. At times free bets are higher than the player’s bet and sometimes the casino matches it.

 10. No wagering

It is considered the best among the bonuses because it is unique. It is most sought after because it does not come with a wagering requirement. Hence, after the player places a bet and if he or she wins, they can automatically enjoy their winnings.

How to Avail the No Deposit Bonus Codes

Redeeming the No Deposit Bonus comes in two (2) ways:

  •       Automatic

The promo is offered usually during special events such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or the Fourth of July promo. It automatically reflects on the client’s account but it has a specific date or deadline date to be availed since this is only a promo. 

  •       Notification

Bonus codes are given to players by the site through notification. It is usually given out by posting it on the website’s blog, through SMS, sent thru an email or a marketing representative will call the player.

Games with No Deposit Bonuses

  •       Poker
  •       Slots
  •       Roulette
  •       Video Poker

Final Insight:

The Online Casino has a lot to offer to the punters which is why it is now referred to as the favorite pastime of virtual punters and gamers. With this type of bonus, it is indeed very enticing and very promising. However, it is still advisable to read the terms and conditions of the casino site and talk to a customer service representative for some information about the guidelines.

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