No more ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ every goddamn time as Continued Conversation makes it way to Home speakers

True to its promise, at last, I/O, Google is bringing Continued Conversation for U.S. English speakers using the Home speakers. That means you don’t have to go, ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’ every goddamn time you are addressing your smart speakers.

They have now gotten smart enough to know you are continuing a conversation, and you don’t need to call out the AI’s name each time you want to give it a new command or ask it for some information. That thing was tiring!

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The new feature works by leasing the Google Assistant active for not more than eight seconds not hearing your speech. It will remain active for as long as it believes you are still talking; you can tell it is still waiting on your commands by the LED light being lit on the home speakers. As long as it is still lit, means it is still listening to your voice, and you don’t need the silly ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google.’

Unfortunately, this feature will not extend to Google’s vaunted multiple actions; where you get the AI to perform multiple commands at once. It is also not yet clear when Google will roll out the Continued Conversation support for other languages.

Nonetheless, it is an important milestone achievement towards making the Google AI digital assistant act more human-like. It certainly goes a long way to win over users who are put off by the robotic language they had to use for the AI to understand commands clearly. Plus the fact you don’t have to say ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ every time you want to issue commands to the AI, make the whole experience a lot more bearable

Milicent Atieno

Proud Kenyan Citizen, loving everything Tech related.

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