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‘No More Woof’ Gadget Crowdfunds To Translate A Dog’s Bark into English

by Genevieve

‘No More Woof’ Gadget Crowdfunds To Translate A Dog’s Bark into English

Many of us can identify the brightest technological ideas after they have succeeded in the marketplace.  A lot more of us may be able to also identify massive failures.  But, how do you know the difference before the marketplace divulges the answer?  In my mind, that is the goal of crowdfunding platforms: to help entrepreneurs experiment, develop and innovate constantly.  From investment to donation based portals, entrepreneurs are presented with a wealth of portals and tools from which to choose from to crowdfund and continually innovate.  Recently, the JOBS Act made it easier for startups and entrepreneurs to sell equity online for capital and publicly advertise their fundraising via social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.   Due to hundreds of crowdfunding platforms available in the marketplace, today’s innovative ideas do not require much to get them off the ground.

In today’s business environment, gaining traction can be daunting for entrepreneurs and/or startup enterprises seeking to enter or break into a market.  Even worse, in a developed market, customers are already aware of the key players because they have been the subject of a variety of messages, offers and promotions through many channels.  In order to stay afloat and cut through the noise in the marketplace, entrepreneurs understand that, the value their idea or venture proposes must be good enough to help them stay relevant.

Image: Indiegogo

Image: Indiegogo

Recently, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID), a Swedish research company, NSID, launched the “No More Woof” campaign on Indiegogo to, raise funding for the development of a gadget that will enable humans and dogs to communicate and understand each other.  At the time this article went to press, the campaign had reached its $10,000 goal and had already raised nearly $6,000 in funding, with 48 days left to go.

According to NSID, No More Woof is a small headset that uses the latest technology to analyze a dog’s thought patterns and translate them into English via an integrated loudspeaker.  To date, NSID alleges that the thought patterns they have identified are as follows: ‘I am Tired’, ‘I am excited’ and possibly ‘I am Hungry’ and ‘Who ARE you?’.  Individuals who fund the campaign at $65 or $300 can get either a one or two sensor model of “No More Woof” which translates about 3 or more thought patterns.

The campaign owners are no strangers to innovation as they have developed gadgets like iRock which charge your iPad in a rocking chair and the Fly Lamp which is a lamp that follows you around.

Learn more about “No More Woof” here.

So, what are your thoughts?  Feel free to share them via the comment section below, or email me at [email protected]I can’t forget about the humans 🙂  So, next week I’ll be talking about a new gadget that Rosetta Stone might frown upon.  Follow on Twitter @MUIPR so that you are the first to hear the story when it goes live. 

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