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View Notifications from Selected Apps Using ‘Notify!’ [Android App]

by Fahad Saleem

 View Notifications from Selected Apps Using ‘Notify!’ [Android App]

Android has always been famous for its systematic and organized notification system. It is clearly better as compared to iOS in this regard. However, ever since notification system has been launched with Android OS, it has not been improved. No doubt, you stay in touch with all the events and other important information with the aid of these notifications, but you might become irritated if notifications contain some promotional messages by the developers of the apps. You might miss some interesting information while ignoring the annoying messages. There is an obvious requirement of creating a filter for notifications that would sort out the notifications of the desired apps from irritating promotional messages. This service is provided by Notify!. This extremely simple app shows the incoming notifications at any widget supported area, and it provides you the ease to access them with just a single screen tap. It displays detailed content of the notification.

Notify! is designed to work for only Android 4.3 and higher versions. It requires the permission to receive the notifications from the selected app. The procedure for using it is extremely simple. In order to grant the permission, launch the application and click ‘Notification Access Permission is Needed’ banner that can be found at the top. After entering into the Notification Access Screen, enable it and click ‘OK’ when you are prompted and hit back.

notify 1

Notify! is a simple widget comprising of the clock and the display to show the incoming notifications. You can easily customize the widget from the Settings screen. You can customize the layout only in the paid version. You can change the clock and data font size with the help of the small adjustment slider. You can also specify the date format, enable and disable apps according to your liking.

The notifications for the certain apps can be toggles using the option under the screen of Notify!cation. The enabled apps will pop out from the rest.

notify 2

Once the widget has been customized based on your desires, you can easily close the app, and place the app on any area that supports the widgets, lock screen or home screen.

notify 3

Although, Notify! doesn’t contain heaps of features, yet it provides an intuitive solution to receive the notifications from the selected group of apps, and view them on your lock and home screen.

Install Notify! From Play Store

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