Now you can easily search for old posts on Facebook

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Now you can easily search for old posts on Facebook

Have you ever found yourself in that situation where you have to spend hours or days and in some extreme cases even weeks going through your friend’s timeline. In search of a particular post or picture, they posted a long time ago. If so, then you probably know just how agonizing that process can be: spending hours perusing through old posts on your friend’s wall; this is how somebody unknowingly turns into a stalker.

Well, this is going to be a thing of the past. Facebook announced on its ‘Facebook blog’ that it is updating its search capability to enable you find any posts your friends shared with you from any time with much ease. The update on the search will eliminate the agonizing and painstaking process of ‘stalking’ your friend’s timeline in search for a particular post or picture shared.

Say for instance, your friend Simon posted some useful information about motor bike’s suspension back in 2011. Ever since, Simon could have posted hundreds of other posts and pictures. Tracing that particular post would have otherwise been a painstaking process. But now as said on Facebook’s search page, you can simply type ‘motor bike suspension Simon’ and the search result will bring you Simon’s post on motor bike suspension.

Before you get too excited, there is a flip side to this. Remember those embarrassing photos you posted while you were dead drunk and on a party-animal-mode that you think everybody has forgotten? Well, they can easily resurface by one of your friends simply typing “Johnny wasted last night’. Previously, ‘haters’ had to work hard to dig up ‘dirt’ on you, and there was always a chance some ‘haters’ were be too lazy to scroll down years back on your timeline. Now, all they need to do is search ‘dirt’ on you and all the skeletons you thought were safely hidden way down in your timeline, can now resurface so easily.

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