Now Huawei claims it had nothing to do with Ads showing up on its devices Lock Screens


We at innov8tiv were baffled at why Huawei would allow itself to be found in more negative press with all the avalanche of bad PR burying it; as featured in our previous article. People from not just one part of the world, took to social media expressing their anger at why ads were being served on the lock screen of phones they paid for; they were not free to warrant ads!

Users complaining of these ads had the Magazine Unlock feature on; one that sets a different lock screen with every device’ unlock. All the ads we saw pointed to, the hotel reservation site. However, when one disables the Magazine Unlock feature, the ads were blocked completely.

However, in a press statement to a section of the media, Huawei said: “The ads are not initiated by Huawei. We encourage individuals to check app settings, or follow publicly available directions on how to remove lock screen ads.”

The ads have since disappeared

Regardless of who is to blame for the ads, following the backlash, it appears users are no longer being served with ads. Reportedly, Huawei took down several of the lock screen wallpapers, and by doing to disabled the ads from being served.

The company further said that while the wallpaper might have been removed from their servers that give the Magazine Unlock backgrounds. Some users might still be seeing these ads, and to do away with them, they need to delete the Magazine Unlock wallpapers manually.

Then again, in the presser given by Huawei. We still don’t know how ads, in particular, got to be served by the server serving the Magazine Unlock wallpapers to Huawei devices. I mean, was Huawei hacked by a third party who decided to serve particularly ads?

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