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Now there’s an App for that; Netflix’s for Speed Test

by Felix Omondi
Now there’s an App for that; Netflix’s for Speed Test

Sometime in mid-May this year, the video streaming service Netflix created a site just for testing your internet connection speed. An alternative web speed test, tailor, made to check on your connection speed and stability, and how it could affect your video streaming experience.

There is a growing community of streamers that like to catch the latest drama series and movies on their smartphones. The fact that mobile devices (especially some make of Android phones) have screens of up to 1080p resolutions. You can enjoy video watching better on some mobile devices that some TVs and desktop computers out there.

The website would work just fine for doing your speed test on your connection. However, for some reason you would like a dedicated app, that will spare you the trouble of having to remember and type the URL (we have become so lazy, haven’t we?), then Netflix has published a mobile app version of the site for you.

You can now download the mobile app version of the site, made by Netflix and optimized for running speed tests when you are going for the purpose of streaming videos from their platform.

Why do you need an Alternative Internet Speed Test?

Given the speed test is meant to show whether or not your ISP connection is fast or not. It has been found that some ISPs do optimize connection for some specific websites, especially those used to run a speed test. So the more different speed tests you can run, the more reliable will be the results.

Assuming, of course, the ISP have not caught up yet and optimized as well the new speed tests sites that are coming up.

You can download the Netflix Android app from the Play Store now.

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