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Nursing as a Sustainable Career for Students in 2021

If it was not earlier, it must be pretty clear by now that artificial intelligence is moving forward at a very fast pace. There seems to be nothing that can stop this rise of AI, as it has integrated itself into the very aspect of life. In times like this, there are only a few industries that are safe from this, for example, healthcare as it’s an industry still heavily dependent on people. An important example of the latter is the profession of nursing.

To pursue nursing, you’ll need a college degree which is not the easiest one to complete. To opt for nursing as a career, first – you should consider that it demands a lot of studying, writing essays, conducting research projects, and passing a lot of difficult exams. So you should think through and through is it something you’re able to do. Considering all this, a lot of students want to take that career path anyway. So why choose nursing, what’s so good about it, and which colleges offer good nursing programs, are some of the many questions that you will find answers to below.

Why Should You Choose Nursing to be Your Profession?

Check out the reasons listed below to find out why you should choose nursing as a career.

● It will not lose its relevance – Nursing is a very secure career choice. At least for the next 25 years, no robots are coming to take this job. Healthcare will always remain a safe, secure, and relevant sector. The profession runs on humans and their innate compassion which cannot be compensated for by a machine. 

● It provides a good salary – To be practical, along with being a stable choice, it also provides a great salary. You do not need to worry about that aspect at all when choosing to study nursing as a student. This is why nursing is a great career choice.    

● This job comes with a high level of personal satisfaction – It is a fundamental aspect of life that we must love what we do. Nursing is all about helping people and contributing in making a difference in the world. This level of job satisfaction, as proven by some studies, is rarely found in another career.  

● Growth is possible even after several years of being in the nursing profession – One of the reasons which make it clear why nursing is a good idea, is that even after working as a nurse, you can still study to become a doctor. But that task would be a hard one – working as a nurse while studying in medical schools, writing Health Essays, and preparing for the hardest exams seems harsh, but the result will definitely be worth it. The profession is not a dead-end and it definitely does not impede professional growth.  

● Jobs are a guarantee, once you complete your degree – Compared to other professions, nurses can join the workforce very easily after their courses are completed. Hospitals are in dire need of qualified and capable nurses and are always eager to hire more, as there is always a shortage of staff.

● The pandemic has shown us the importance of this profession – The covid-19 pandemic has been a devastating experience. It has collapsed entire economies and healthcare systems. This has shown us just how uncertain the future can be and that we need to be more prepared than this. So, it is no doubt a great option for you, if you wish to really contribute to society and give something back.  

Universities That Offer Nursing Programs

These and many more reasons are what makes nursing a great option for a student to go for in college. Now that we have talked about why it is so, we must list a few top-notch colleges where you can study it.  

List of The Best Universities in the United States:

1. University of Illinois, Chicago

2. Penn School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

3. University of California, Los Angeles

4. Columbia University

5. University of Alabama

6. New York University

7. University of Maryland


As you can see, there are plenty of colleges within the US itself to choose from to pursue nursing as a career and gain education in this field. As a student, while pursuing the program, you will come across a lot of studying human anatomy. This might give you a head start.  

To sum it all up, if you are a confused soul, just trying to find a purpose in life, this might be your calling and you should grab it with both hands. It’s a stable career in a very pertinent and essential sector. The world with its ever-increasing population and diseases will always be in need of caring, passionate, and smart healthcare professionals.

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