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NY TechDay 2014 Recap: What You Missed & What to Expect Next Year

by Tiffany Linzan

IMG_20140424_202217351NY TechDay 2014 Recap: What You Missed & What to Expect Next Year

NY TechDay 2014 was a success. Pier 92 was booming with start-ups, applicants and amazed on-lookers (myself). If you didn’t attend, or even exhibit, you missed out on a major opportunity. No need to fret—there’s always next year. Innov8tiv shares with you what you missed and what to expect when you plan to attend NY TechDay 2015.

Gear up!
TechDay attendees may want to wear comfy shoes and clothing. If you’re interested in applying to companies exhibiting at TechDay, just make sure your professional attire is comfortable, or pack a change of clothing.

Yikes! The Crowds
Be sure to get there early. TechDay 2014 hours were from 9 am-5 pm. Word of advice—don’t arrive exactly at 9 am. Be sure to arrive at least a half hour early with a full tummy. There’s plenty to do and see, so you’ll need as much energy as possible.

Why Exhibit at TechDay?
This year, 1,000 open jobs represented, more than 10,000 attendees, and over $20 billion in capital represented (Business Insider ).  Many people attend TechDay, so this makes for some easy advertising. And hey, it’s a great way to screen individuals. Whether they’re interested in your business or interested in applying, meeting attendees in person is always a plus. TechDay is also a great way to check out the competition within your start-up’s category. How is their advertising helping or hurting their companies image? What can you learn from their set-up and company? There’s always room for improvement.

Awesome Exhibitors
At TechDay NYC you can expect to see companies such as, RentHackr, (a platform that helps you connect with the best apartments first)and Dogecache which is inspired by the largely popular activity Geocaching. Dogecache is an experimental digital scavenger hunt based on the electronic cryptocurrency. It’s also where people engage in a GPS-assisted scavenger hunt. This doesn’t even begin to complete the list of really cool start-ups.

Why Attend TechDay?

While waiting on line to enter TechDay.

While waiting on line to enter TechDay.

TechDay is not specifically for tech junkies; it’s for everyone and anyone interested in getting their business out there or. It all comes down to one similarity—we all use technology in one way or another within our professions.

With fourteen different start-up categories, there is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to attend. The categories for exhibits were: Fashion, Music & Media, Columbia Business School, Education, Social Media, Hardware, Enterprise, E-commerce, Health & Fitness, WeWork, Fintech, B2B, Social Impact, and Advertising.

In addition to the fourteen categories, each start-up has its unique way of providing a particular service in a given field. The creativity, the great ideas can also serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. And did I say entrepreneurs? Yes, if you’ve recently started a new business or you are thinking of doing so, there are plenty of companies at TechDay that provide small business support—whether it’s financial or office services and programs.

Missed out?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out NY TechDay’s site for a complete list of sponsors and exhibitors.

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