Obama lifts Economic Sanctions on Côte d’Ivore citing Progress

Obama lifts Economic Sanctions on Côte d’Ivore citing Progress

The United States has lifted the economic sanctions slapped on Côte d’Ivore about ten years ago. The lifting of this sanctions comes after President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Wednesday ending the declaration of Ivory Coast as a national emergency.

The economic sanctions were imposed on Côte d’Ivore more than ten years ago following a disputed presidential election that left the country in civil war. President Obama’s lifting of the sanctions comes after a successful presidential election held last year and progress in the fight against illegal trafficking of the country’s natural resources.

Côte d’Ivore has taken important steps to strengthen its governing and economic institutions and reconcile the differences that led to war,” reads a statement by the White House National Security Council spokesperson, Ned Price.

Price also went ahead to outline some of the challenges the country is still facing such as land reforms and growth of the economy. However, on the differences that led to the burst of civil war in the country, Côte d’Ivore has made substantial positive steps warranting the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed.

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