Office Desktop Apps begin showing up on Windows Store search ahead of official release

Office Desktop Apps

At the beginning of May, Microsoft announced that it will be bringing full-blown Office desktop apps to its Windows Store. A huge development for the company, especially as it rolls out Windows 10 S. A variant of the normal Windows 10 that only runs apps from the Windows Store aimed at improving users’ (mainly students) security.

Though the company announced its intention to bring the full blown Office desktop apps to the Windows Store. It did not, however, specify when, but starting yesterday, if you open the Windows Store app and search for ‘Word 2016,’ you will get the Word app in the search results.

However, you cannot install the app on your computer, neither can you view the app listings. That only goes to show that Microsoft is well ahead on the track to bring Office desktop to the Windows Store; it is now only a matter of time.

Interestingly, when you search for ‘Word’ on the Windows Store, you will not get the app in the search results. Microsoft had previously also removed the Office Mobile apps from the Windows Store search results. These are all signs that Office desktop apps coming to the Windows Store is now imminent.

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