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Official Burial Of Facebook Email To Be Done May 1st, 2016

by Felix Omondi
Official Burial Of Facebook Email To Be Done May 1st, 2016

Ever since Facebook came onto the scene, it has tried to become everything, and often its efforts pay off, except for the Facebook Email service.

Take, for instance, Instant Articles the social network wants to become some Feedly, with Free Basics Facebook wants to become an ISP, with WhatsApp and Messenger (over the top services) it does everything your cellular carrier does. With Facebook Live and Facebook Videos, video sharing platforms like YouTube are already feeling the heat from the competition by the social network.

However, its attempt to eat into Google’s turf (referring to email business), Facebook’s attempt suffered an embarrassing defeat. If you do not know what Facebook Email is, that only goes to prove just how unsuccessful Facebook was with that product line.

Back in 2012, Facebook gave every user an email address, but few people ever used it. So the product line was sort of axed in 2014, but Facebook allowed the few users still using the email service to redirect emails received to another email provider. So instead of users getting email notification on their Facebook accounts, the emails were redirected to their alternative email inbox.

Facebook now announces its complete exit from the email business and come May 1st, 2016; it will also axe the redirecting of emails sent to emails. Facebook sent the following messages to users still using the redirects service:

After May 1, 2016, you will no longer be able to receive email sent to []. Please update your email address for any services that currently send email to [].”

How to remove Facebook Email from your account

You can remove the Facebook Email by going to your account on the desktop, then go to ‘Settings>Email>Edit’. You need to uncheck the box next to ‘Use your Facebook email. The process is more or less the same on the iOS and Android apps for Facebook.Official Burial Of Facebook Email To Be Done May 1st, 2016

Alternatively, (if you’re the lazy type) you can sit and wait on Facebook to kill the service and never bother yourself with turning off the service on your account. However, if you used the email address for a vital registration, you might want to use an alternative email address before Facebook buries Facebook Emails.

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