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Oh, and it’s Android’s Birthday today, it just turned 11- they grow up so faaast

In case it didn’t cross your mind, today Android is celebrating its 11th birthday. If it were a human, we all would be bracing ourselves for some chaotic teenage drama as it goes into adolescence. But perhaps it is like wine; only gets better by age.

November 5th, 2007, is when Android was born; in beta, of course. And it was only until September 23rd, 2008, that the first official release came out as Android version 1.0. It was commercially available on the HTC Dream.

Oh, we did a TbT on the HTC Dream on the article at this link. Check it out.

November 5th is the official birthday for Android, though some might like to claim September 23. Nonetheless, let us all raise our Android device up in the air and sing it a happy birthday song. Only God knows what life would be like without the smart features on mobile the OS has brought into our lives, and at affordable prices too. The mobile OS was known as Android until version 1.5 when they began giving it dessert-theme codenames.

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