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On-Demand Personal Finance from a Till Point now possible


Consumers looking for help in making ends meet after a dire 2020 and festive season splurge – or those looking for a financial boost to start 2021– can now access an array of on-demand instant personal finance options at in-store pay-points across the country.

The partnership between payment and merchant solutions provider, Dashpay, and South Africa’s biggest financial marketplace, Fincheck, allows consumers to apply for personal finance products via hundreds of Newland Payment Technology point of sale smart terminals – credit card machines – in stores across South Africa.

Consumers don’t need credit cards to access the Fincheck personal finance facility – they just need to look for the Fincheck app icon on the POS Android device, complete 6 fields and they will then receive a response from providers within a minute.

The Fincheck app allows consumers to enter basic personal information before they are offered an easy-to-understand array of personal finance comparison options from more than 80 of South Africa’s major banks, lenders, and insurers. They can then select their preferred form of finance – perfect for helping cover unexpected expenses or helping make ends meet, responsibly.

The comparison is free and easy to use and access to finance is near-instant, with short- and long-term loans available ranging from R1 000 to R350 000.

Fincheck director Michael Bowren says that the company’s vision is to allow all South Africans to compare various banks, lenders, and insurers across the country, for free. “Dashpay distribute and operate a vast number of Newlands point of sales devices across SA. The collaboration between Fincheck and Dashpay aims to help consumers make better, more informed financial decisions”.

“The Fincheck solution offers a seamless opportunity for consumers to access funds to help them better manage their finances,” says Dashpay’s Mike Rowley. “For merchants, it provides an opportunity to increase sales during what has been a challenging period.”

Dashpay, a division of Capital Appreciation, a JSE-listed company, is a supplier of Newland Payment Technology devices across the SADC region. Newland is the second-largest point-of-sale (POS) manufacturer worldwide, offering a wide array of POS, mPOS and intelligent multimedia systems.

Merchants who wish to access Newland devices or add the Fincheck app to their current compatible devices can do so by contacting the Dashpay Call Centre on 086 001 2729 or [email protected].

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