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The De•Brief: One down, eleven more to go

by Simeon Coker

The De•Brief: One down, eleven more to go

And just like that, January is over. And just like that, you feel like a failure for breaking all of your New Year’s resolutions—you didn’t last quarter, but you are in good company. I’m stalling; I have no theme, no rhyme or reason—just cool stuff.
Without further ado, let’s jump into a random list of cool, innovative things that have happened or will happen; from social media currency to new product designs, here’s a little bit of everything.


Aereo is an online TV subscription—if you’re looking for a reason to cut the cable chord, this is a good reason; it’s only $8 a month. What’s the reason for the honorable mention? In the last two weeks, they reached their capacity for subscriptions in New York City; it seems like enough New Yorkers wanted to watch the Super Bowl, in the privacy of their own home. So who cares? Everyone who hates paying cable TV. Many people have sitting back patiently waiting for a new day to come, and it may be on the horizon.

Google Glass

The date for the consumer release of Google Glass is still up in the air, but Google is still doing a good job of keeping the futuristic wearable tech frontrunner on people’s minds. They recently released “fashionable” frames for the device that many tech-enthusiasts are still trying to get their hands on. Shaded and prescriptive lenses are part of the new offering, which you can still only get by being personally accepted by Google, after stating your case. We’ve been looking for another way to ignore or be distracted from our fellow man—and it’s almost here. I can’t wait.

A group of researchers and developers have teamed up with online retailers, like Adidas and Hugo Boss, to develop online, customizable virtual mannequins that will show you how clothes will fit on you. There is no one-size fits all in the real world, so when you plug in your exact measurements, you will see exactly how each piece will fit on you.

Marc Jacobs

From February 7th thru the 9th, Marc Jacobs is opening a pop-up store in Soho, NYC, that will not accept money, only ‘social currency’ in the form of a hashtag, #MJDaisyChain. The pop-up store will also offer a comfortable lounge with food, drinks and Wi-Fi. “Someone is gonna get a hurt real bad”, because this will be a madhouse. But it’s genius, because for two days Marc Jacobs will trending on every social media channel.

3D Printed Nails

I’m borderline obsessed with anything 3D printed, because it’s like magic, and magic will always be cool. So check this out. And, while your at it, if you’re in NYC here is the link to the Makerbot 3D Printing store event calendar. You’re welcome.

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