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Ongair Secures Nest Funding To Scale Operations Into Asian Market

by Milicent Atieno
Ongair Secures Nest Funding To Scale Operations Into Asian Market

Ongair is a CRM platform founded about a year ago that works as a web-based dashboard through which businesses can engage with their customers via instant messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Telegram.

Since its inception, Ongair has seen a steady growth in its clients base from media houses, universities, e-commerce platforms, financial institution and non-profit organizations. Some of its biggest clients included well-known companies like Chase Bank – Kenya, AMREF Health Africa, TecnoBuy – Costa Rica, Petsy Mexico, Navitas global, CoreFone – Uruguay, JamboPay – Kenya, OLX – Kenya and Nigeria, EliteBet Kenya and Heineken among others.

Currently, Ongair stands as the only CRM platform with an IM aggregator in the world providing WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and WeChat integration. The company is also planning on adding more instant messaging platforms to their offering.

This startup is now about to scale up its operation to infiltrate the Asian markets. This comes after Ongair securing funding from a Hong Kong founded venture capital firm and a global innovation accelerator Nest.

Trevor Kimenye, the CEO at Ongair said, “With presence in Asia, Europe, Africa and the U.S., Nest is an ideal partner as we continue to scale our business globally. We’re excited to have a partner on board that provides us not only capital but also vast strategic experience and network across these markets.

Our goal is to help businesses serve customers, and we’ll use the additional resources to support growth, expand strategically into Asian markets and deliver great product to delight our customers around the world.

Aaron Fu, the Managing Partner at Nest Africa had the following to say about the startup: “The growth Ongair is experiencing and believe that with this additional capital, network and strategic input, the company can grow even more rapidly and scale into Asia with Nest’s support to set up in Hong Kong and enter China.

A key reason we are in Nairobi is to be able to take innovation born in Africa, just like Ongair, to the rest of the world, there are lots of innovative startups in Africa with products that have the potential to reach very similar target demographics outside of the continent. We hope to inspire more young African entrepreneurs to design global products and export their innovation to the rest of the world.”

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