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Online Business Tools every Business Needs!


Over the years we have seen an incredible transformative change take place, particularly in the corporate sector. Starting a business from scratch is anything but easy. And this Is where technology comes to help. Thanks to the internet, finding help and resources isn’t a mission of its own anymore. There are several business development tools online to help your business grow and build a successful future.

As entrepreneurs, you no longer have to take hits for your business to thrive; you just need to use the right business tools to achieve your goals. From helping with project management to communication, we’ve rounded the top 5 tools your business needs to succeed.

  • G-suite

Is there anything better than having all the important tools you need for business growth in a single place? G-suite by Google is an incredible platform that backs you with multiple tools and resources to help with communication, project management, social media management, cloud storage, and more.

G-suite allows you to enhance communication via emails as well as give your business the marketing boost it needs to build a solid business identity. It powers businesses with easy mobility, presentation, surveys, documentation, and much more. Business functionality has never been easier!

  • Todoist

When you’re running your own business, finding time to do other tasks is tough. All of a sudden you need more than 24 hours a day to achieve your daily goals. While this app may not magically add more hours to your day, it can help you manage your hours effectively, so you make the most of your time.

It acts as a daily planner and helps in organizing your tasks, activities, and efforts. It’s the perfect app for team management when you have to plan and assign projects and responsibilities, manage files, track progress, and share updates.

  • Zoom

Online meetings are and will be taking over face-to-face meetings even after the pandemic ends. Working from different time zones, locations or home is now easier, thanks to technology. Sign up with a reliable internet service provider and stay connected with your colleagues and clients via video conferencing tools like Zoom.

Zoom allows you to communicate beyond borders in real-time with its crystal clear audio and video quality. So, don’t worry if you can’t host a meeting in person, you can always rely on Zoom to connect with your colleagues or clients!

  • Buzzsumo

Have you ever been confused about what kind of content to create for your audience? What’s popular with them and what attracts them? Well, worry no more. With Buzzsumo to help you, you will not only know what content to create, but you will also understand what content doesn’t click with your audience. This analytical platform will give you insights into your social activity, data analysis, content performance, influencer campaigns, and much more.

  • Slack

Having all your team members in one place and working productively is the ultimate goal for online businesses. Slack is a platform that offers team members to collaborate and achieve business goals productively. From offering features like file sharing and open discussion rooms to video calls, audio calls, and messaging, Slack is a platform that enhances team communication and internal liaising. 

The bottom line

Growing your business will never be an easy task; it takes dedication, risk, consistency, and the right resources. Luckily, we’re living in a time where finding access to those resources is easier than ever. The right business tools can take your business places. By simply using the 5 tools listed above, you can help your business grow and thrive much more efficiently!

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