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Opera Mini Users In Africa Saved $500M In Mobile Data Usage

by Milicent Atieno
Opera Mini Users In Africa Saved $500M In Mobile Data Usage

Opera Mini Users In Africa Saved $500M In Mobile Data Usage$500 million worth of mobile data usage is what Opera Mini users in Africa saved by using the Norwegian-based Opera Software’s mobile browser. This report came from aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mini servers.

Opera Software went further to breakdown the report revealing that Nigeria (a country that makes up Opera’s third biggest market in terms of the numbers of users) saved up to $198 million. Followed by South Africa where users collectively saved up to $65 million.

The Opera Mini mobile browser runs on an advanced Opera compression technology that can shrink web pages down to as little as 10% of their original size. Thus, reducing the data cost on users by up to 90%. The Opera Mini browser can rightfully claim to have helped many Africans save on their mobile data plan by enabling them utilize up to 82% less data on their mobile phones.

The report also reveals that in general, Opera Mini users using Java-based phones saved an average of 88% in their monthly mobile data plan. Users using Android and iOS smartphones were able to save 75% and 70% of their mobile data plan respectively.

The Opera Mini mobile browser is compatible with more than 3,000 different types of mobile devices; from the basic Java phones to the sophisticated Android and iOS smartphones. This mobile browser has become particularly popular in the African market, where there is a rapid increase in basic phones and smartphone users. The cost of Internet connection remains restrictively high for many mobile devices users.

Opera Software also recently launched a new data management and compression app, Opera Max. This app uses special technology to save data on videos and has no visible quality loss and reduces the rate of buffering significantly; making the experience of the users viewing videos on a slow network more rewarding.

The African market makes up a third of Opera Mini mobile browser users globally. A Majority of smartphone users, which are known to be more data-hungry, benefit a lot by browsing using this mobile browser and can control how background app consume data with the Opera Max app.

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